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Business and Enterprise Specialism

Aylsham High School was the first school in Norfolk to gain Business and Enterprise status and was successfully redesignated  in 2008

We believe that our Business and Enterprise specialism fuels and enables enterprising minds to flourish. It is at the heart of all of our work and within our ethos and culture. 

Our work in Business and Enterprise is nationally recognised.

Here is a sample of some of our Business and Enterprise work:

  • The highly effective specialist subject areas of Maths, ICT and Business Studies all of which gain excellent GCSE results.
  • Our Young Chamber is a group of the most committed and enterprising students. We are hugely proud of their achievements. www.ahs-yc.co.uk
  • Our students in the Premier League Enterprise Challenge were amazing
  • National recognition for our work with students on developing Financial Capability.
  • Extensive collaborative projects with our cluster primary schools again many of which are nationally recognised and celebrated. 
  • Consistent focus on enterprise skills with employers for the future workforce. We employ a member of staff to develop work based opportunities for our students with employers.
  • Enterprise is at the heart of our Rewards System – we deal and negotiate credits.
  • We provide a wide range of courses and support sessions for parents/ carers to encourage them to support their child’s learning.
  • We co-ordinate a Family Learning Programme that encourages family members to enjoy learning together and work especially hard to encourage those families who may be reluctant to come into school.
  • We work very closely with a range of adult learning providers to encourage provision that is based around the needs of local learners
  • We work very collaboratively with an extensive range of partners to encourage and influence strategies that support families within our cluster area.


AHS: Centre of Excellence in Finance Education.


Aylsham High School has always been a pioneer in delivering personal finance education. We believe in a well-rounded education offer, giving students the best possible chance when they leave high school. In 2005 we began with year 7 taking part in a ‘Being an enterprising citizen’ day, this was the first time we delivered some form of personal finance education. This evolved with us linking with City College Norwich to offer 30 year 9 students the chance to gain the Ifs Level 1 personal finance certificate.

With the support of our curriculum manager, in 2007 we were then able to implement enterprise education as a compulsory subject throughout years 7-9. Within this scheme of work the very first structured and delivered finance lessons were held.

By working closely with Young Enterprise we have been able to implement financial education over several areas within the school curriculum. With the support of Young Enterprise, Young Money (formerly PGEG) and our advisor, Aylsham High School has been named a Centre of Excellence for Financial Education. We are the only school to receive the centre of excellence award in Norfolk.

In our work to receive our centre of excellence status, the biggest change has been to the school credit system. The idea was to simulate the workings of a bank account. Students earn credits, save them up and then spend them on a reward of their choice by debiting the amount they need to pay from their overall total. Students receive half termly mini statements on their credits and debits. To ensure students learn to have a good work ethic, to support our culture of developing a growth mind set, we decided to reward credits for having good attendance, working effectively in lessons, producing an outstanding piece of work and by giving up their own time to help out the school. Many students have been saving credits to spend them on the end of year BBQ. This has been funded by the generosity of the Aylsham community. There are many other rewards that students can choose from such as watching a movie at lunchtime, playing on games consoles and buying a queue jump token in the canteen. Just recently we have been able to include the use of the swimming pool, badminton courts and 3G pitch after school. This all encourages students to think about what they want and how they will plan to save for what they want to purchase.

So what does this mean for our students?

This means all students receive compulsory core lessons on a range of personal finance topics. From bank accounts, to payment methods, car insurance and payslips. We go through the decision making steps in deciding what would be good debt or bad debt, and the steps you would need to take when you find out you are in financial trouble.

Within the maths department we spend two weeks after exams doing project work. These projects include designing and financing your own bedroom, designing and testing a casino game and designing and costing a prison. Each project has a financial element allowing us to have conversations with students about key words and what they mean.

This will ultimately allow us to ensure students leave us competent and confident in making personal finance decisions in the future.

We are continually trying to develop our personal financial education. If you have any ideas or questions please do let us know.