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Examination Results


Aylsham High Students Maintain Outstanding Standards at GCSE


 Department for Education Performance Tables .



AHS 2016

National 2016

Progress 8 score



Attainment 8 score



% of students achieving a grade C or above in English



% of students achieving a grade C or above in maths



% of students achieving a grade C or above in both English and maths



% of students achieving the English Baccalaureate




The 2016 outcomes for Aylsham High School students shows that the progress and attainment that they have made is greater than for students nationally.


The most recent copy of raise on line reports that in 2014/15, for the class of 2014, 94% of students were in education or training.

Data collected from the class of 2016 shows that 99% of the cohort remained in education and training. 


Executive Headteacher Duncan Spalding:

“We are absolutely thrilled once again with the tremendous results achieved by our students and teachers. They have worked so hard and richly deserve their success.  Aylsham High School students are amongst the most consistently high achieving in Norfolk, attaining excellent results year in year out. Their achievements are a cause for great celebration not only in school and at home but also right across the wider Aylsham community.

I am thrilled for each and every one of our students and I wish them the very best for the future as they leave us and go on to fresh and exciting challenges. Not only do they leave us with fabulous results but also hopefully with a love of learning and the confidence that they can hold their own in any situation. It has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege working with them over the years.”