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Our Vision is for a School

  • Where children will want to learn and have every opportunity to become involved in the learning process without distraction or disruption
  • Where the views and needs of learners are taken into account.
  • Where students are safe and no one has the right to cause unhappiness or distress to others.


Our Vision is Based on a Number of Values and Beliefs

We see children not as they are but as they might be.

The school is here for the children and they are all of equal worth.

A child’s potential is not fixed; it depends on many factors including opportunity and motivation.

Where necessary, teachers should seek to influence attitudes, beliefs, and behaviour as well as impart knowledge and develop skills.

Teachers and other adults in school should model appropriate behaviour in the ways that they engage with children.

We see parents and students as our clients and we actively seek their views and opinions about the quality of our work.

We use praise wherever possible but only when we mean it.

We are willing to question, debate and challenge behaviour that falls outside our expectations but, as well as reprimanding children, teachers help them analyse the situation so that they can see where they went wrong.

We provide access, support and an appropriate learning environment for every child attending the school.