Please help Mrs Cornwell raise money for the British Heart Foundation

Please help Mrs Cornwell raise money for the British Heart Foundation
Students should have come home with a tube of Smarties.
 I have been given 700 tubes of Smarties by local businesses in aid of my fundraising attempts to raise money for the British Heart Foundation; I am running the London Marathon this year for this charity to give back a little.  4 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare heart condition, I am here today only because of the pioneering research  that has been done.  I would love for everyone diagnosed with a heart condition to be able to go on and lead a normal life as possible.  This can only be done through donations.  Money raised also goes towards training people in CPR, buying defibrillator's, microscopes and slides ... the list is endless.
The idea of giving Smarties to the students is for them, of course, to eat the Smarties and then refill it with coins.  An added twist is we have made it into an inter house competition and those who take part could be entered into a draw to win a mystery prize if their house wins.  
So I would like to thank all the students who have decided to take a tube home and help me raise money for my chosen charity.
Laura Cornwell
Aylsham High School

Conrad is Norfolk County Athletics Field Event and Sportshall Athlete of the Year

Conrad is Norfolk County Athletics Field Event and Sportshall Athlete of the Year

We are proud that Conrad received the Norfolk County Athletics Awards for Under 13 Boys Field Event Athlete of the Year 2017 and Under 13 Sportshall Athlete of the Year.

Last season he won the county championships in long jump, high jump, shot put and javelin and he is the East of England pentathlon champion. He also won the years 6, 7 and 8 Norfolk Quad Kids multi-event series, winning all 4 competitions. In Sportshall he is the County Champion in the triple jump, long jump, vertical jump and shot put and undefeated in the Norfolk County League.

 Last month, he was at the UEA taking part in the East of England Regional Sportshall Championships, against Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. Norfolk won the event by over 100 points from Cambridgeshire and will now go to the National Finals.

Conrad took part in three events winning the Triple Jump, 2 Lap Sprint and the 8 Lap Paarlauf (a paired relay where they have to complete 8 laps in any order or combination). 

 Norfolk won every age group under 11, under 13 and under 15 boys and girls, so for the second consecutive year Norfolk has qualified in every age group, male and female for the nationals.   


Aylsham High School

PE Department

Edexcel Level 2 Dodgeball Tournament

Edexcel Level 2 Dodgeball Tournament

Aylsham High School offers the Edexcel Level 2 Higher Project Course as an option subject.   Last year’s group looked at the possible legacies of hosting a sporting event and planned, organised and led a dodgeball festival for the Aylsham Cluster year 6 primary school pupils.

This year, 6 students from year 9 and 10 decided to work as a group to further extend this idea. They focused their thoughts onto one of the legacies highlighted the previous year, which was helping year 6 primary school students in their transition experience to Aylsham High School. 

The project class have been conducting on-line research from educational publications about transition and have been questioning High School staff and students who already help in school transition activities.

During the year, they helped to lead sporting team challenges at a year 6 induction day and helped officiate at a North Norfolk primary school swimming gala.

They planned and led dodgeball training sessions in each of the cluster primary schools, helping the year 6s to improve in their dodgeball skills. These were well organised and they were able to adapt their sessions to suit the size of school hall, the number of students in a class and the ability of the students.  The High School students were also able to purchase 3 dodgeballs for each cluster primary school.

On Tuesday 6 March 2018, after many meetings and much preparation, they hosted the Aylsham Cluster year 6 dodgeball tournament with 80 students from 6 primary schools attending.  The teams competed in a round robin tournament.  Additional sports leaders from the GCSE Physical Education class helped to officiate each of the games, ensuring that the games ran smoothly.  The standard of play was exceptional. 

The winning teams this year were; in 1st place Colby School; in 2nd place Aldborough; and in 3rd place Erpingham.  Each team took away medals, trophies and certificates.

It is now hoped that this tournament will become an annual event, adding to the many activities provided by the Aylsham Schools in order to help year 6 students feel confident about their move to year 7.


Julie Zulu

ICT in Physical Education Training Workshop for UEA PE specialist Trainee Teachers


Recently, the PE department of Aylsham High School hosted the UEA PE specialist trainee teachers for a morning workshop on using ICT in Physical Education lessons.

Julie Zulu led the session. Throughout the morning, the student teachers were shown how a number of applications might be used in the teaching and learning of PE.  They were then given the opportunity to experience for themselves how they work, in particular an app called Hudl Technique,  which allows videos to be captured of pupils’ performance and then these images can be shown in slow motion, can be easily annotated and also used to compare one image with another to help highlight possible improvements in technique. 

Finally, the student teachers were able to put these new skills into practice with a year 8 class.

The workshop was a great success and has now been included as part of the formal training for the UEA Physical Education Postgraduate Certificate in Education.


Julie Zulu


F1 Schools Regional Final

F1 Schools Regional Final

On the 8th February 2018, Aylsham High School competed in the annual F1 (Formula 1) in Schools regional final.

Two different teams from Aylsham High Schools competed; The entry class, Aquila 6 (Lily-Mai, Tom, Emma, Frank, Robyn, and Jim) and a development class, Screamin’ Eagles (Joe, Alex, Adam K, Adam S, Buddy, and Henry). Both team’s cars made it through the tough scrutineering process, which meant they were allowed to compete in fastest timed competition.

The competition was fierce and we were competing with schools that had entered many times before, and unfortunately on this occasion we missed out on qualifying for regionals. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and gained valuable skills which can be used for years to come. Many students would like to enter again next year due to the nature of the competition and are hoping to succeed further and represent the school in Nationals.

A huge congratulations to all those that took part, with Aquila6 coming away with best pit display.


James Brown

DT Teacher

42nd Street 14th to 17th March

42nd Street 14th to 17th March

42nd Street” is the 20th musical to be performed at Aylsham High School with 42 students who range from 11 to 16 years old. Opening night is Wednesday 14th March at 7.30pm with a limited number of tickets still available.

 Show producer and Instructor at Aylsham High School Tanya Wiseman says, ‘the decision to perform 42nd Street was an easy one because the songs are incredible and are guaranteed to get everyone’s feet tapping by the end of the opening number. The students all love the costumes, and the set. Both of which add a certain touch of glitz and glamour. It is fantastic that former head boy Shaun Taylor has returned to choreograph two of the show’s most iconic tap dance routines. "To think we now have 42 competent tap dancers that can tap in perfect unison is phenomenal". The students have all embraced the chance to learn something new and as a group of staff we’re all impressed with how they’ve conducted themselves in rehearsals. We’re also delighted to have secured sponsorship from newly-formed coach company Wrights Coaches’.

 Matthew Wright, Director of Wrights Coaches, who is the show’s main sponsor said, “The opportunity to support Aylsham High School with their latest production was a chance I couldn’t let pass, especially for their anniversary year. As a new business in the local area, Aylsham High School has been incredibly supportive, and this is a way of giving something back to the school for putting their faith in me. The quality of the performances which come from the school are always impressive, and I’m honoured to be associated with them. The students obviously enjoy their extra curricular study, and it’s great to see them doing something they relish and learn new skills at the same time. I think its great these students are getting the opportunity to do something they enjoy. If I can support that in anyway, I will do!”


42nd Street runs at Aylsham High School from Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th March with two performances on the Saturday. (2.30pm & 7.30pm). Tickets are available from the School Reception (Wednesday Lunchtimes) or at


Tanya Wiseman & Matthew Wright

British Heart Foundation

On April the 22nd 2018, I will be running in the London Marathon.  My chosen charity is the British Heart Foundation.

WHY? I hear you shout.

If it wasn't for all the research that the British Heart Foundation has done I would not be here today, four years ago I was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. This needed two operations and thanks to their pioneering research I am, for the moment able to lead a normal life.  This had led me to supporting this charity and wanting to give them something back.

I spoke with the school student council and put an idea to them of the "smarties competition". The idea is to be able to give every child in the school a tube of smarties to take home.  If able to, they can eat the smarties and then re-use the tube to collect loose change from around the house/under cushions/in the car.  Anything 5p or over.  (Notes are also welcome)

The school student council wanted to help me and were very eager, coming up with the idea of arranging the returned smarties tubes on the school field in the shape of a heart. The school student council were also very eager to help me promote the idea to businesses and/or people to donate boxes of smarties so we can give one to each and every child.  It is a very small heart in the picture, so please come on board with us at Aylsham High School and "help our heart grow."

If you would be able to donate any tubes of smarties please contact or leave at the main reception.

Many thanks to all the students and staff at Aylsham High School

Laura Cornwell

Learning Support Team


Ice Course Students are RHS Winners

Ice Course Students are RHS Winners


We were invited to attend the launch event of the RHS ‘ Green Plan It’ Challenge at Easton College on Friday 22nd September.  Here we met our mentors (Kenny and Rachel) and found out we had to design a garden for the school or community to enjoy.  We chose to use our outdoor learning garden that we have in school.  We walked around Easton college and got lots of ideas. We split into two teams and named ourselves 'ICE ICE Uno' and 'Team Pollinators.'


When we got back to school we had 10 weeks to design our garden. We had to come up with ideas and a concept.  ICE ICE Uno chose 'The Elements' and Team Pollinators chose 'The Five Senses.'


It was then lots of hard work and model making to design our gardens. Kenny and Rachel were brilliant mentors and helped us with lots of ideas. Wendy and Shelly, who are both involved in Aylsham in Bloom and are also our RHS volunteers helped us with names of plants and what would grow well.


1 December we went back to Easton college to present our models. We arrived at school feeling excited. We all had speeches to say and we were all worried about saying them. Both groups piled onto the mini bus and Mr Sweatman said it was the quietest ride he had ever had. I think it was because we were all so nervous. 


When we arrived at Easton college, we went straight to the conference room and started to make our display boards to go with our model. More and more schools arrived and they were all bringing their models in. Was ours the best? We were up against 8 other schools!


After a brief talk and meeting the judges it was time. ICE ICE Uno were the first to get judged. Both groups were very nervous but the speeches were fantastic and gave the judges lots of information.


When judging had finished it was lunchtime and the judges went to a private room to discuss who they thought was the best.


Lunchtime seemed to take forever! Had we won? We had the chance to vote for 'The Pupils Choice' award so we walked round and chose who we thought was the best model. Finally lunchtime was over and the winners were announced.


Team Pollinators won 'The Pupils Choice'

ICE ICE Uno won 'The Most Innovative'


Both teams won a trophy, an RHS book and £100 gardening vouchers.


Coming back to school was not as quiet on the mini bus!


Written by Harry and Jessica  (Year 9 - ICE Course students) 


The Eagles become Yoga Warriors!

The Eagles become Yoga Warriors!


Mr. Sweatman and Helen Houlston took Oliver, Joshua and Karl (Year 8 - Nurture Group) to The Hub in Wymondham where they led a mindfulness workshop for  Norfolk County Council Children Service’s Early Help team. They taught approximately 60 adults the programme that they had been working on during Nurture lessons. It was a truly inspirational day.

Amongst the incredibly positive feedback, one member of the Early Help team wrote; 

 'Brilliant experience. Great session, boys were fantastic. Very professional and clear and it was an amazing first experience of yoga. Well done boys!' 


 Danny Sweatman

Head of Nurture @AHS_Nurture


Students support the North Norfolk Primary School Swimming Gala

Students support the North Norfolk Primary School Swimming Gala


On Tuesday 30 January, the Edexcel Higher Project group helped to host the North Norfolk Primary school swimming gala, at the Victory Swim and Fitness Centre in North Walsham.

There were approximately 100 year 4, 5 and 6 swimmers from across the North Norfolk Primary Schools, with some incredibly close races in each of the 4 swimming strokes.

 The Aylsham High School project students are in years 9 and 10.  They were in charge of timing a lane and recording the data onto the master scoresheets ready for the North Norfolk School games organiser, Chloe Pedlow to analyse.

 Each of the partnership sports competitions requires young sports leaders to volunteer to help the event run smoothly and these young people were a credit to the school and the North Norfolk sports partnership.


Julie Zulu

PE Department