Regional Tennis Finals

Regional Tennis Finals


After the success of winning the year 9 and 10 Division 2 East Region League, the boys tennis team were invited to attend the regional finals  on Friday 5 October in Redbridge, Essex. The boys played Sharnbrook Academy in a preliminary game with wins from Alex, Albert, Fletcher and Jed in singles and doubles, making the final score in games, 10:2 to Aylsham.

 The semi-final saw Aylsham take on New Hall School from Berkshire. Unfortunately, the team lost their singles and doubles games however they remained extremely positive and supportive of one another. 

 Aylsham, the only team to play 3 schools, fought hard in their final matches against Framlingham College. Alex came away with a strong win in the singles, as well as in the doubles with his partner Albert. The boys finished the day losing 8-4 to Framlingham in some tough, highly skilled matches.

 Overall, the boys managed to finish in 4th place for Division 2 in the Regional Finals. The boys were brilliant all day, encouraging one another and remaining positive no matter what the score was.

Alex, Albert, Jed and Fletcher were a credit to both Aylsham High School and Norfolk, a pleasure to watch and should be very proud of themselves.’


Kate McKenna

PE Department

Scholarship Success

Scholarship Success

Congratulations to all our Class of 2018 as they take the next steps towards their futures. All students have been made offers at either colleges, sixth-forms, apprenticeships or training and we wish them well in their endeavours.


Huge congratulations to two of our Class of 2018 who have been awarded amazing scholarships outside our region.


Olivia  has successfully secured an All-Round scholarship at Gordonstoun, where she has recently started her A levels and continues the journey into fulfilling her dream of becoming a Scholar of History.


Adam, also Class of 2018 competed against many candidates and has been awarded The Albert Memorial Award for multi-talented students, at Framlingham College in Suffolk. A huge achievement and very well-deserved.


Good luck to all our Leavers. Dream big, fly high & remember to come back to AHS as an alumni, to inspire those following in your footsteps.


Please follow @AHSFutures for CEIAG information.



 Dianne Wade

Guidance Adviser

@AHSFutures @futurescaptains

Design and Technology Captains

Design and Technology Captains

Design and Technology Captain - Ashlee, BHC

Having already completed the engineering GCSE last year I have taken the option of DT metalwork for my final year of school. I felt that I knew enough to apply for the design and technology captaincy and would still be learning this year.

The role of design and technology captain means I cover both the DT metal and DT wood departments as well as the STEM school challenge. I will also be guiding the students to help them achieve high grades, supporting my subject teachers and helping out with lunchtimes if needed.

This is an amazing role which I’m proud to have been selected for.

Ashlee, Year 11.


Engineering Captain - Buddy Monger, HDB

While doing the engineering GCSE course, I was inspired to become the engineering captain of 2018-19. I felt that this role would suit me because I have always enjoyed engineering and have taken part in the youth STEM award bronze and the F1 in schools challenge, and look forward to taking part in the silver award next year and having a second attempt at the F1 in schools as one of the team captains.

I am happy to help students who require any aid in engineering based areas and put forward any ideas for STEM based competitions that any students come up with.

I am very honoured to have this role and look forward to working with the design & technology captain, Ashlee, and Mr Whiting-Smith, the head of department.

Buddy, Year 11

Women in Enginering and Energy

Women in Enginering and Energy

On June 20th five students took part in a project called  "women into energy and engineering" which was organised and delivered by the Inspired Youth team and held in the DT department at AHS. The challenge was to compete with other North Norfolk schools to create a careers information notice board promoting energy and engineering to their female peers, and to design and incorporate a careers leaflet to be distributed to the whole school.

The notice boards will be judged in July with the winning school receiving a £50 prize. Well done girls and good luck!

Mr Whiting-Smith

Drama Captains 2018/19

Drama Captains 2018/19


 Grace White FTW “I’ve wanted drama captain since year 7 and I’ve worked for this position ever since. I am very passionate about the subject and having this role means so much to me. My love for drama has continued to grow since then and I have been involved in productions such as King and I, 42nd Street and many others, I am also hoping to be part of Sister Act next year. Whilst being drama captain I hope to encourage younger students in lots of different ways, this can be done through drama club which I’m so excited about running next year alongside my fellow captain, George. This would also help boost their confidence as it helped me.”

 George Hinson HSC "I am so excited and honoured to be one of this year’s drama captains. I have always had a passion for drama, so this is a great opportunity to share my enthusiasm with others, inspiring them to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. This year I was lucky enough to be part of the amazing cast of 42nd street, which was without a doubt the highlight of my school career and I look forward to auditioning for Sister Act, the 21st Martin and Wiseman production later on this year. I’d like to thank Mrs Martin for this amazing opportunity and I look forward for the year to come.

 We both look forward to seeing you all at the Murder Mystery Evening Saturday 1 December at Aylsham High School 2018 and Sister Act Opening Night March 13 to Saturday 16 March 2019. All enquires re tickets can be made via 


Grace and George

Year 11

Maddy - DofE Captain

Maddy - DofE Captain


My name is Maddy Bates and I am delighted to have been given the role of DofE captain for Aylsham High School. I applied for this position so I could help other students to achieve their DofE goals and awards.

Over the course of year 10 I have managed to complete my bronze DofE award which involved me volunteering at the local tennis club to help younger children play tennis and improving important life skills such as cooking.

My favourite part of this award however was working as a team to complete our expedition. I have learnt and developed so many skills whilst completing my bronze DofE award such as teamwork, leadership and perseverance; I can't wait to start my silver award as I progress into my last year at Aylsham High!



Our 2018 Captains...

Our 2018 Captains...

Health & Social Captain Emily  FTW 

Having already completed Health & Social Cambridge Nationals last year I felt I knew enough to be able to apply for this captain title this year. 

As Health & Social Captain I will be able to support the students taking the course this year and help them to achieve excellent grades. I will be able to help them understand their core knowledge and work with them during lunchtimes when required. 

I am really looking forward to this role and I am pleased to have been selected. 


Emily  FTW Year 11.

North Norfolk Partnerhsip Games

North Norfolk Partnerhsip Games


 Angling Competition

Date: 14th May 

Venue: Shallow Brook Lakes

Squad: Ashlee, Seb, Sam Josh ,Ryan, Jake, Jack, Brandon

On Monday 14th May 8 students from Aylsham High School took part in the North Norfolk angling games competition at Shallow Brook Lakes, competing for a place in the final. 

All anglers conducted themselves with discipline and stuck to the task of hooking fish in this slow difficult water. At the final weigh in it was Ryan  who took first place overall  with a bag of silver fish weighing 5lb , Seb  took second place with 3 1/2lb and Sam took third with 1 ½ ib.  Six of the eight anglers qualified to take part in the Norfolk final in June. Well done to all who took part.


Liam Whiting-Smith

Space for the Soul

Space for the Soul


Students at Aylsham High School have been exploring spirituality, prayer and life’s biggest questions with their very own interactive prayer space. 


Aylsham Parish Church, in partnership with the school’s religious studies department, created the Prayer Space in a marquee on the school field as part of a growing national initiative to provide places for spiritual reflection in schools. The Prayer Space, while being rooted in a broadly Christian perspective, was put together in such a way that it was accessible to students of all faiths and none. The marquee was filled with creative, tactile ‘stations’ which gave the students an opportunity to develop skills of personal reflection and spirituality in a fun, open, safe and inclusive way. In addition to lesson time for some classes, the space was also open to all students at breaktimes. The Prayer Space has proved to be very popular with over 100 students visiting each lunchtime.


One year 7 student said:

“It is incredible. I’m really enjoying coming here to relax and reflect at lunchtime. I wish it was here for more than a week.”


A year 10 student commented:

“I’m not a very religious person but I’ve loved it. It’s completely changed my day.” 


A year 9 boy told us:

“It’s really relaxing. It looks amazing, and it’s really helped with my exam stress. When I’m in here, I feel all the stress drifting away.”


Helen Jacquet, Head of religious studies at Aylsham High school said: 


It has been wonderful to see students from all walks of life responding to the Prayer Space in really positive way. They have had the opportunity to reflect on a wide range of issues from exam stress and self- image to forgiveness and refugees in a safe and engaging environment. We have had a steady stream of students from across the years visit including a few repeat customers, and the atmosphere has ranged from lively interest to quiet reflection. The students I have spoken to are keen to have the space again next year and we are very grateful to Revd Jack and Revd Andrew from the Parish Church for all that they have done to give us such a special experience this week.


 Revd Jack Branford, Curate of Aylsham Parish Church said:


“It’s been a brilliant week. The Prayer Space has been filled with a lot of laughter and fun, as well as a great deal of thoughtful contemplation. I think it’s shown that many young people are innately curious about the biggest questions in life. Many young people are interested in spirituality and have a sense that there might be more to life than meets the eye. The wonderful thing about the Prayer Space is that it enables young people to explore these ideas and experiences in a completely open way that can help them develop their own sense of self-worth, identity, meaning and purpose. A rare space for the soul in a young person’s life.”

 The Prayer Space has been such a success that the school and church are already planning to host something very similar again next year.


Revd. Canon Andrew Beane

Revd. Jack Branford

Alex's Success with Norfolk Under 15's County Hockey Team

Alex's Success with Norfolk Under 15's County Hockey Team


Alex was selected to play for Norfolk Under 15’s in the County Hockey finals at Harleston at the weekend. The tournament was against 5 other counties and although Norfolk played a few good matches with some great ball skills shown, they didn’t quite make the final placings, although they did beat the tournament winners. 

Alex will receive his full county colours for his selection throughout the hockey season. Well done Alex!