Charity Staff Football Match

Charity Staff Football Match

 For part of my Duke of Edinburgh Award project I held a charity football match between the teachers at my school which was linked with the school mufti day.

The charity I chose to raise money for was Starlight. I chose this charity as it helped my friend through his treatment when he had mouth cancer. After he had recovered he got to go to Kennedy Space Centre.

With the mufti day and the money from the football match we managed to raise £822.74! I’m very grateful to everyone who has helped make this happen and hope that we can do more events like this in the future.


Harley Dyson

Silky hens are on their way!

Silky hens are on their way!


We have some exciting news from the joint egg hatching project between our Outdoor Learning students and Eagles.

Today we could hear cheeping coming from the eggs and they were wobbling about!  Due day is Thursday.  Fingers crossed we shall get to meet our Silky hens very soon.


Diana Clark

Charity walk for Mesothelioma

Charity walk for Mesothelioma


On Easter Friday Joe and Ellie will be walking Marriotts Way from Aylsham to Drayton in aid of the Mesothelioma charity.

 Unfortunately Joe and Ellie's grandfather passed away earlier this year from this disease after a hard fought battle. This type of cancer can be brought on by exposure to Asbestos over several years, a material that is now highly regulated.

 Joe and Ellie really wanted to highlight this slightly less known cancer, and wanted to do all they can to raise money so that other sufferers may benefit. In conjunction with the Mesothelioma charity, which has supported them all the way, and with family, friends, and teachers sponsoring them, the two hope to raise a minimum of one thousand pounds. With help from Aylsham High School Joe and Ellie hope to make this a reality.

 A bucket collection at the performances of the King and I will be split between two charities, one of which will be the Mesothelioma charity. Other events are being planned which will all help towards the final total.

 Joe and Ellie would like to thank all their friends,  family and teachers who have supported and sponsored them.


Tanya Wiseman

Phenomenal success for George Townsend in his shooting career

Phenomenal success for George Townsend in his shooting career

Year 11 student George Townsend has had phenomenal success in his shooting career so far and is currently

British Sporting and Sportrap High Gun Champion, British Classic Sporting Colt High-Gun Champion and 3rd A Class British Open Sporting Champion.

 In addition, George has also achieved 2nd in World Sportrap Colts Championship  & 2nd in the World Prelim Colts Championship 2012. George was British Sportrap Champion Colt 2012 – 2015, Norfolk Supreme Champion 2013 – 15, 9 times holder of County Title as Junior Champion 2012 – 2015, Champion British Open Sportrap C Class 2015, 3rd A Class British Open Sporting & Winner of the B Class & Colts Game-bore Gold Cup 2014.

 There are a number of further successes George has also achieved, alongside securing his GCSEs to enable him to take an A level pathway at Paston College and part-time work in an Outdoor Activities Centre.

A truly remarkable young man, George hopes to continue with his shooting success and become a professional sportsman. We wish him continued success in his career pathway, and future.


Dianne Wade

Guidance Adviser/Scholarship Coordinator

Drama and Art Scholarship for Olivia Taylor

Drama and Art Scholarship for Olivia Taylor

We are delighted to announce that our year 11 student Olivia Taylor has been awarded a drama and art scholarship to Hurtwood House in Surrey and in addition, a place with the National Youth Music Theatre in their summer musical.

Olivia will begin her studies in September and spend her summer holiday performing for the NYMT.

 Huge congratulations on such prestigious achievements Olivia! We wish you every success in your drama career.


Diane Wade


Egg hatching update...

Egg hatching update...

Some of our Outdoor Learning pupils helped to 'candle' our eggs in Nurture yesterday. Sadly not all seem to be developing but some are.

If we're lucky we may get some gorgeous little characters like these! One has already provisionally been named Eggbert. Keep 'chicken' the website for updates!

Diana Clark

Silky Hens about to arrive at Aylsham High

Silky Hens about to arrive at Aylsham High


Aylsham High School Outdoor Learning and Eagles students are embarking on a really exciting joint project over the next few weeks.  We have eggs incubating in the Nurture room!  

The due date for our silky hens is at the very end of this term so keep an eye out for updates to find out how our chicks are getting on.

 Huge thanks to everyone who helped to get this project off the ground.


Diana Clark

Outdoor Learning

Success in Table Tennis and Rowing Finals

Success in Table Tennis and Rowing Finals


The Norfolk KS3 Table Tennis finals were held at UEA on Tuesday.

Thomas Mountain and Fletcher Dyson were in the North Norfolk A team which was placed 2nd out of 16 teams.

Fergus Kelly and Alex Tomkinson were in the North Norfolk B team which was placed 8th.



The Norfolk Rowing finals were held on Tuesday at UEA.

There were 24 competitors in each individual event – 3 representing each partnership.

Mollie Smith won the year 10 girls event.

Abi Durand was 3rd in the year 8 girls event.

Cheyenne Turbatt and Emily Haslam were both placed 5th.

George Farrow Green was placed 6th.


The U 13 girls team including Abi Durand, Tilly Meyrick and Emily Haslam won the team relay.

The U15 girls team including Mollie Smith, Charlie Cooper, Alex Weyer, Cheyenne Turbett and Victoria Lloyd won the team relay.

The U13 Boys team including George Durand, Alistair Bennett and Kaileb Wilton won the team relay.


Jill Riley

PE Department





Crew are ready to sail!


The Crew for the King & I are ready to sail to Siam for the opening night of The King & I at Aylsham High School on Wednesday 16 March. There are 5 performances running until Saturday 19 March, nightly at 7.30pm and a matinee performance at 2.30pm on the Saturday.


The crew had a huge undertaking learning all the set changes, the positioning of the props for each scene and working with the cast. They have worked really hard to ensure the show will be another great success here at Aylsham High School.


The last few tickets are still available on the internet via or the School Monday, Wednesday & Friday 12.35pm to 1.20pm.


It’s a wonderfully colourful show with an emotional ending; tissues at the ready.


Tanya Wiseman    


Doughnuts with an array of surprise fillings were eaten by Aylsham High Staff all in aid of raising funds for the Meningitis Research Foundation.

 As part of their Volunteering Section for their D of E Bronze award the girls raised funds and awareness around meningitis research. They asked staff to eat doughnuts filled with surprises such as jam, salt, toothpaste, chillies & tomato sauce. Students donated money to  watch staff eat all these weird and wonderful doughnuts in the main hall last Friday lunchtime, raising a total of £95.00.

 The staff were a little green around the gills at the end but students had a great time and it was a well supported event.


Well done girls a fantastic event for a great cause.


Mrs Wiseman

D of E Manager