Royal Norfolk Show ‘Grow it, Cook it, Eat it’ Competition

 Back in June Emma Riches, Daisy Ransome, Emily Martin and myself had the fantastic chance to compete in the amazing atmosphere, that was the Royal Norfolk Show.

Our challenge was to plan and prepare a local dish which could then be sold as a pre-packaged meal in farm shops. We were given the instruction to use mainly local ingredients and with that we prepared our dish of honey roasted Gressingham duck breast with crushed potatoes, asparagus and a red wine reduction.

As a team we were extremely proud after beating Flegg High and Dereham Netherd and claiming the title of the North Norfolk Schools Cookery Competition Winner 2016.

We also had the privilege to cook in front of Royalty, HM the Duchess of Cornwall, and gardening enthusiast Monty Don, alongside some of the best chefs in the county. (Richard Bainbridge – Benedicts, Andy Snowling – Kings Head, Richard Hughes – Lavender House, Galton Blackiston – Morston Hall, Steve Thorpe – City College and Mary Kempe – Food Writer)


Scarlett Addison

Aylsham Food Festival Gala Dinner 2016

 This year’s Gala dinner was nothing but a triumphant success for all our GCSE catering students who spent the upcoming weeks preparing for the event. We had the privilege of working with the wonderful Steve Norgate from The Beachwood Hotel, the amazing Adam Fields from McKenzie Hotels and Alastair Bradshaw from the National Trust; without their support the night would not have been possible.

Serving over 100 paying guests with a range of outstanding dishes, sourced locally, the students were under the watchful eye of Mr Baxter and Mrs Elwess who spent hours and hours preparing the magnificent evening, and Mrs Bacon who provided us with the upmost support and dedication. We also had joining us Mr Taylor, our new student teacher.

On behalf of the catering department I would like to thank every student who helped within the preparations whether it be in the kitchen or out on front of house you all did as splendid job and we are immensely proud.

Scarlett Addison

Aylsham High School becomes Narnia...

Aylsham High School becomes Narnia...

Aylsham High School becomes Narnia – and you can go there too!

Aylsham High School is being turned into Narnia in a few weeks time…

The floor of the main hall will soon be turned decidedly frosty, with Mr Tumnus’ house in one corner, the lamppost through the back of the wardrobe in another, Mr and Mrs Beaver’s lodge and even the White Witch’s icy castle with inhabitants of Narnia who have been turned to stone.

And for £6 a ticket, members of the public can be transported to Narnia too, to experience Aylsham High School’s production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

As one of the drama staff Tanya Wiseman said, the audience will feel as if they too have stepped through the back of the wardrobe and entered Narnia.

“The students will be enacting the play on the floor of our main hall rather than the stage, which makes this a very special and atmospheric production indeed."

“Our aim is to make everyone feel part of the action, as if they’re there in Narnia watching the Pevensey children and Aslan take on the forces of winter.”

There will be 30 students, playing the famous characters … from Aslan to the statues who come to life when the White Witch’s cold-hearted grip on Narnia is broken forever.

Mrs Wiseman said: “It’s quite an amazing production, it’s right up to date. We’ve spent hours getting the feel of it just right. There are sixty pictures on panels to help ‘dress the set’, it looks phenomenal.

You’re actually in Narnia, you’ll feel you’re in Narnia. You’ll be in the battlefield, you’ll be with Mr Beaver as he takes you fishing.”

Our picture shows Edmund (Saul Burgess) and Peter (Ally Mitchell) practising their swordsmanship before the great battle. Jess Curtis is Susan and Purdy Harlow is Lucy.

Ben Sayers is Aslan, dressed in a gold waistcoat and bow tie, Head Girl Olivia Hill is the White Witch and Dominic Lawrence is Mr Tumnus, the fawn. Mr and Mrs Beaver are Thomas Curtis and Bobbi Wilson.

And another star of the show is Director, Hazel Martin, who is Head of Drama at Aylsham High School. She and Mrs Wiseman put in countless hours of their own time to develop high quality productions for the school.

This summer they spent days researching next month’s production and searching for pictures to use on the set.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is being performed at Aylsham High School at 7.30pm on Friday 2nd December and at 2.30 and 7.30 on Saturday 3rd December. Tickets for the spring musical Guys and Dolls will also be going on sale then. Tickets are £6 and available from the school’s box office -  or on the door.


For further information contact

Tim Curtis

07798 901291

Aylsham High School's senior technician on parade during the queens visit to Newmarket

Aylsham High School's senior technician on parade during the queens visit to Newmarket


Aylsham High School was pleased to release Dave Monger their senior technology technician to attend the Queen's visit to Newmarket as part of the Army Air Corps Reservists.


Dave said " I was very proud to be on parade with 677 Squadron Army Air Corps when the Queen visited Newmarket on the 3rd November 2016. " 



Amy's Charity Success

Amy's Charity Success


I’m a year 8 student who wants to make a difference. I help raise money for Lewy Body Dementia as my gramps passed away with this in 2014. Over the past few years I have been raising money for this charity.

In the first year I did a cake sale at Victory Swim and Fitness Centre and an 18 mile walk along the Bure Valley Railway. This year I’ve completed a 50-mile swim and walk challenge, swimming 25 miles and walking 25 miles, over a period of time. I have raised nearly £1200 by doing these charity challenges in the last few years.

I paint river stones and sell these for charity too. I create lots of things, from ladybugs to mice while also doing seasonal products, like bats and ghosts for Halloween, Christmas hats and angels for Christmas and many more!

If you want to hear more about me and my charity challenges I have a Facebook page called Stones Galore!

 By Amy Covell


Success again for Aylsham Anglers!

On Friday 7th October eight young anglers represented the school at the North Norfolk Partnership games held at Shallowbrook lake Costessey. Six of the eight anglers will now go through to represent North Norfolk at the Norfolk finals  later this year. The results are shown below:

  1. Ewan Clarke 10lb2oz
  2. Seb Whiting-Smith 8lb4oz
  3. Peter Savory 8lb 4oz
  4. Sam Brumpton 2lb4oz
  5. Jacob Wheal 2lb
  6. Tom Richie 4oz.


The organisers commented on the impeccable behaviour and positive attitude that all youngsters displayed on the day, well done to all of you and good luck in the finals!


Mr Whiting-Smith

Aylsham's Got Talent...

Aylsham's Got Talent...


As part of our Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award for the service section we are working with the local church, for a competition called “Aylsham’s Got Talent” we are really looking forward to the first round of auditions this Saturday (15 October) and the final will take place on Saturday 12 November.  

 If you love to perform and believe have what it takes to shine, then Aylsham’s Got Talent is for you. Auditions will take place at Aylsham Parish Church. We hope to see a lot of you there on Saturday 15th October 2016!

Ages 8-12 will be 10am till 1pm and ages 13-16 will be 2pm till 5pm.

You can showcase your talent either as an individual singer, a musician or part of a choir. You will need to prepare a song to a backing track or with an instrument.

 The finals will be held on Saturday 12th November 2016 at Aylsham Parish Church.

Doors open at 7pm.

For tickets adults- 18+ are £5 a child- 6+ is £3 and 5’s and under are free. There is cake and drinks available and this is all included in the ticket price. There will also be a raffle.


Lulu  D of E Student Aylsham High School. Year 11

Eastern Combined Pentathlon Championships

Eastern Combined Pentathlon Championships


On the 25th of September 2016, my family and I travelled to Peterborough for a Pentathlon competition. This was the hurdles, shot put, high jump and lastly the 800m. Overall, I won a silver medal in the whole of Norfolk, and finished 8th out of the 35 girls competing on that day. This included Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex and Bedfordshire.

Furthermore, this was my first pentathlon that I've competed in, so I was very proud with my result. My long jump was first, and I jumped a respectable 4.23m. I wasn't overly pleased with my performance as I knew that I could jump further, however it wasn't a bad result.

 Next it was the hurdles. I was particularly nervous about this as I hadn’t been doing it for that long although I had been training very hard for it! Thankfully I managed to get through all 8 hurdles without any mistakes which I was very relived about.

 My next event was the shot put. Unfortunately I did not throw very well, this is something that I can learn and improve on.

 My high jump was next. I was looking for a great result in this as I thought I had been jumping well this season. My personal best originally was 1.45m, however I really wanted to get 1.50! When it came to the height I was filled with trepidation, however I managed to clear it first time, this was amazing! I was so excited and so were my parents. As a result I moved up in the UK rankings.

 Finally it was the 800m. This was obviously the last event of the day. I was very fatigued and was frankly dreading it. However I dug deep, showing myself that I had that little bit of energy left to try extremely hard. The great result of this race enabled me to move up to 8th position from 10th which was incredible!

 It shows  if you put the effort into anything you do, you can get great results. 6 months ago I would have never managed to get over 8 hurdles with 3 strides.

I've trained so hard for the pentathlon to be the best I could be, especially with my high jump and hurdles. I was flabbergasted with my performance and so proud of myself. Overall, it was a brilliant day which was thoroughly enjoyable.


Molly Bean

Year 8 visit to MedImmune

Year 8 visit to MedImmune

On Tuesday 28th June I took three year 8 students on an exciting trip to visit the laboratories of MedImmune, a ground-breaking biotechnology company based just outside Cambridge.  

 The trip is run every year in memory of Paula Harrison (nee Daniels), a former Aylsham High School student. Sadly, Paula passed away in 2012, aged just 41. She had been working in the field of drug discovery for MedImmume. Paula achieved great things during her career, and people’s lives have been improved by medicines that she helped to develop. Each year, her family and colleagues at MedImmune invite some of our students to explore and work in the labs to show just how inspiring and important bioscience research and development is.

 Our students began with a tour of the labs, then went on to carry out some exciting research to help develop a vaccine for this year’s strains of flu virus. 

 Cutting-edge ‘phage display’ screening techniques were used to identify antibodies that bind to the virus, and the genes for these antibodies are then ‘grown’ in bacteria to be analysed further. 

 Our students then counted viable bacterial colonies to check if there were more antibodies binding than there were in the ‘control’ sample. 

 Finally, they checked how strongly the antibodies bound to the viral proteins using techniques and equipment that they definitely don’t get to experience in school science lessons, including multichannel micropipettes, antigen-coated plate assays and a Bravo liquid handling robot. 

 Then it was off to lunch, where students had fun building a model virus along with a strongly-binding antibody.

 The students were indeed inspired; they really loved the experience and threw themselves into the activities with an enthusiasm that filled their accompanying science teacher with unashamedly geeky pride. Huge congratulations to them.


Dr Poock

Alex Tomkinson represents Norfolk

Alex Tomkinson represents Norfolk

Alex represented Norfolk in the Under 13 Boys County  hockey finals on Sunday 8th May in a very sunny and warm Bedford.
> The team played extremely well all day and only lost 1 of their 6 matches against the eventual winners Cambridgeshire earning themselves a Silver medal.
> Well done Alex.


Julie Zulu