Zina Wells reflects on her success after being awarded a scholarship at Gordonstoun.

Zina Wells reflects on her success after being awarded a scholarship at Gordonstoun.


With the help of Mrs Wade, I began to research scholarships at the beginning of Year 11. I chose a couple of schools which I felt would be best suited to me and where I could have the best opportunities for sixth form.

I first visited Gordonstoun in October and I immediately loved the atmosphere and the overall feel of the school. I was invited to the scholarship weekend in January when I sat exams and interviews and participated in other activities, even including climbing. I have been offered an academic scholarship and will now be joining them in September 2014.

I am looking forward to the once-in- lifetime experiences the school have to offer and can’t wait to make the most of every moment I spend there while completing my A levels. After this, I hope to go to university to become a veterinarian.

I would certainly recommend this opportunity to anyone up for a challenge as it has been a very rewarding process and I am now much more confident and ready to move on to sixth form at Gordonstoun.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout this process and given me advice, as I am so pleased to have been offered the scholarship at such a brilliant school.

Zina Wells

Well done Zina. We are all tremendously proud of your success which comes aa a result of hard work, determination and great ambition. We wish you every success in the future.

Elizabeth Cooper reflects on her success, after being awarded a scholarship at Gordonstoun and winning the Rank Foundation's School Leadership Award!

Elizabeth Cooper reflects on her success, after being awarded a scholarship at Gordonstoun and winning the Rank Foundation's School Leadership Award!


Upon approaching year 11, I began to think about where I was hoping to go on and study further.

I've always been someone who is willing to challenge themselves and I've never really been afraid of pushing myself to try my very best so I began to think of applying for scholarship opportunities for schools outside of Norfolk, in order to discover what I could do in the wider world. In September/October at the start of year 11, I started to research colleges and sixth forms all across the UK. By November, I had applied for a scholarship at a sixth form college in Oxford. Mr Spalding and Mrs Wade gave me plenty of advice and assistance with the interview process, which I found incredibly useful. I then travelled down to the city in order to sit the scholarship exams and attend the interviews. To tell the truth, I was extremely nervous and pretty new to the whole experience, but I tried my best and reminded myself throughout the day and the weeks afterwards that 'you'll never know if you never try'.

A couple of weeks later, I received a letter telling me that although I had gained a place at this sixth form college, I had not been successful in obtaining a scholarship. Due to my family's financial position, I wouldn't have been able to attend this sixth form college without a scholarship or bursary, as I would have been boarding for two years. I was, as you might expect, quite disappointed that I hadn't received the award. However, I decided that I was going to learn from this whole experience by listening to the feedback the college had given me.

Within another two weeks, I had applied for a scholarship at Gordonstoun School in Moray, Scotland - I had already met Mr Chris Barton (Head of Sixth Form) and had received a great impression of the School and what it stands for. Aylsham High School has had many links with the School over the years, having sent over 7 students to study up in the Highlands. I sent off my application with a bit less confidence than before; I didn't exactly want to fail again.

On the 17th of January 2014, I found myself walking down the driveway of Gordonstoun School, armed with eight portfolios and a tummy full of butterflies. By the end of the second day of interviews, exams and tours around the campus, I was completely won over by the School. I wanted to attend this school for my sixth form years more than anything!

Not long after, I returned home from school to hear that I'd achieved a scholarship from Gordonstoun School! I also received the exciting news that the School had put me forward for the Rank Foundation's School Leadership Award. The Award meant that I could become a Fellow of the Foundation, attending conferences in London and taking part in Community projects all over the UK. There aren't many Fellows for this Award, (a mere 1300 young people have been beneficiaries of the Award since 1978) so this opportunity was very exciting!

Months later, I found out that I had been selected as a beneficiary, and had won the Rank Foundation's School Leadership Award! I was overjoyed at the news, knowing that I would be about to embark on many new adventures in the world of leadership.

All of the successes - and the failures - that I experienced on my scholarship journey have taught me an awful lot about trying new things, even if they seem different and daunting at first. My advice to anyone in years 9 and 10 would be to start thinking about colleges early - who knows where a little bit of curiosity will take you? I'm off to Scotland this September, along with a fellow classmate Zina Wells, to carry on the fantastic education we've received at Aylsham High School - this fact alone proves that you never really do know until you try!

Elizabeth Cooper

Elizabeth, we are all enormously proud of your achievements, which have come as a result of tremendous hard work and  tenacity. Thank you for your great service to our school.

Time Team Dig at Acle

Time Team Dig at Acle


Just before Easter a team of 15 of our students, along with students from four other local schools, took part in the 7th Annual  run by Cambridge University in conjunction with Aylsham High School. This year, we returned to Acle to investigate the Medieval, Anglo-saxon and Roman evidence of habitation. Carenza Lewis and Kat Ransome, both Time Team regulars, oversaw the dig which yielded some very useful evidence for the timings for and the density of occupation in historic Acle. Pottery evidence for our students’ pits was able to firm up the incomplete information from previous digs which seemed to confirm the absence of human occupation between the leaving of the Romans and subsequent reoccupation around 350 years later. Carenza was most complimentary about the abilities of our students to excavate and get to grips with undergraduate grade work.

After the dig our students spent a final day at Cambridge University examining the finds and placing the results in context with the previous finds. We have rewritten history – and that’s official.

Mr Roberts


Former student Evie Maskrey gains place at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Former student Evie Maskrey gains place at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Former student Evie Maskrey, from the Class of 2011 has a wonderful career ahead of her in Fashion Design.

After leaving Aylsham High School, Evie joined Paston College where she studied A levels and and then moved on to  Nottingham Trent University to study Fashion Design. Having completed her first year, Evie has been successful in securing a prestigious placement at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

We wish Evie every success in her future


It is always brilliant to hear news of our  ex students and every year they go off and achieve tremendous success and are a real credit to our school. Here is an extract from  a message from Fabian Jackson who left us in 2012 to take up  a scholarship at Gordonstoun to Mrs Wade:

Dear Mrs Wade

..... As my time at Gordonstoun is shortly ending I wanted to thank you again for getting me here. The things I have experienced as part of the Sixth Form have been truly great, although I was very sad to leave Aylsham, I couldn't have moved on to a place that suited me better, and I now cannot imagine having gone somewhere else! Here's a bit of what I've been up to. I've been able to gain a National Pool Lifeguards Qualification as part of my Service, doing three voluntary shifts a week. I went to Romania on an International Service Project in the summer, running a summer school in an orphanage for children with physical and mental disabilities, one of the most moving experiences of my life. I spent a term as the Captain of the Round Square Committee, fund raising to sponsor two boys in Kenya to attend the Starahe Boys' Centre, a Round Square school in Nairobi, as well as for various UK biased charities. I helped organise the European Round Square conference held at school in September. I took up Hockey and managed to play for the school's hockey team, something I would never have seen me doing two years ago! Being made a Colour Bearer this year has also been a great privilege. On the Performing Arts side, I have managed to peruse my love of acting by taking part in numerous varying performances and being a part of the Chamber Choir, with lots of out of school performances has been great. Being here has also rekindled my passion of dance. As a member of the Dance Company we've had amazing opportunities to perform all over Scotland and in school regularly. This year I was made the captain of the company and I also received a place and the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds next year for a foundation course. The friends and memories I've made here will hopefully stay with me forever, and I just wanted to say a big thank you again! Fabian.

ps. the sailing, expeditions and Scottish dancing have been brilliant!

Class of 2014 Prom Fashion Show was a great success.

Class of 2014 Prom Fashion Show was a great success.


After several months of model training and alongside their intense GCSE schedule, ‘The Class of 2014’ presented their Prom Fashion Show on Friday 4 April in front of a packed audience. The twenty-three girls and seventeen boys modelled prom & ball gowns from Exquisite Boutique and day wear from Blossom & Green and Roys of Wroxham.  The hair and make-up was managed by AHS Hair & Beauty students and the event co-ordinated by a team of students from Year 8 and up-wards.

As is the case with live events, hiccups occasionally occur. Our Opening Performer fell ill twenty minutes before the Show was to begin and in her place, our Fashion Show Business Manager Milly Sawyer-Stone stepped in and blew us away with her stylish rendition of ‘Valerie’, supported by Joe Bonham on drums, and with only five minutes of rehearsal!


The AHS students of The Slanted Dance Team also performed with a definite wow factor.


Behind the scenes, students took on their roles as Director of Sound & Lighting, Camera Crew, Front of House Team, Back-stage Manager etc with professionalism be-lying their years. A brilliant team effort.


In total, the event raised over £1000 for the Year 11 Prom, which will take place on Saturday 28 June at Wolterton Hall and magnificently organised by Miss S Hebditch & Mr P Govey.


The DVD of the Show is now available at a cost of £3 from the Finance Office or


Our sincere thanks to all who supported us, donated raffle prizes, joined us but especially to all our business Partners who not only worked with us on the catwalk but also those who supported in the Business Auditorium. Their continued engagement is invaluable and enables us to not only raise funds but give our young people an inspiring experience.


Mrs Dianne Wade






GCSE Drama Performances

GCSE Drama Performances

Please come to see our Drama GCSE plays that are being performed  next Monday, Tuesday and  Wednesday in the  Drama Studio from 6pm. The students would love to see you all there and have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience  before their Exam Thursday and  Friday next week. Performances will include Henry V, Comedy of Errors and  Of Mice and Men.

Year 11 triple physicists learn from specialists from the workplace.

Year 11 triple physicists learn from specialists from the workplace.

The year 11 triple physicists started their GCSE revision programme with 2 different visitors over the past 2 weeks.

On Thursday 27th March, Mike Ling, a retired ophthalmic optician, visited both year 11 groups to tell them about how he had trained, about his career and his experiences in the job. Mike bought interesting examples to pass around the students and reviewed ideas from the extension physics topics with both groups.

On Thursday 3rd April, Dave Willis, a medical physicist who currently works at the university hospital in Norwich, presented ideas to both groups about how nuclear radiation is used in diagnosing and treating conditions like cancer. He also explained to the students his route into his current job and also brought along a selection of interesting things for the students to see and handle.

It was wonderful to be able to invite both Mike and Dave back after they were kind enough to volunteer their time last year. It was great to hear the positive feedback from the students after each visit this year and to see again the positive impact for our students when they see that the physics they are learning about in the classroom is used out there in the real world!

If you use physics in your job, we would love to hear about it. Perhaps you would be happy to discuss some ideas for inspiring our students to think about studying physics beyond GCSE? Maybe you would be willing to visit us for a lesson and help us build on the success that Mike and Dave have started? If so please contact Ruth Macpherson via e-mail

Year 11 Master Class visit to Gonville & Caius College Cambridge

Year 11 Master Class visit to Gonville & Caius College Cambridge

On Friday 28 March Year 11 Master Class went to Gonville & Caius College Cambridge as part of our research into the Russell Group of universities and to help us to choose which A level courses we may wish to take.

We had the opportunity of spending time in a lecture theatre and heard from the Liaison Officer and Admissions Tutor who both spoke to us about the collegiate system, admission requirements, how an interview is conducted, amongst other helpful information. After lunch, in the historic Refectory, we were set tasks to encourage us to think more laterally about our subjects, which was very interesting to learn. We also had a tour of the college – the highlight of which was undoubtedly both the Archive Library and the student Library, followed by Stephen Hawkin’s office!

We are very grateful to Ingrid and everyone at Gonville & Cauis for the experience of spending the day in the historical surroundings and which we may aspire to attend ourselves, one day!

Catrina Woolridge & Alex Cabre

Year 11 Master Class

UK Mathematics Trust Team Challenge

UK Mathematics Trust Team Challenge

We recently took four students to the regional final of the UK Mathematics Trust Team Maths Challenge, held at Nicholas Hamond Academy in Swaffham.

The UKMT has been running this Team Competition since 2003 and last year’s event was very enthusiastically received by all those schools who participated in both the Regional and National Finals. The competition combines mathematical, communication and teamwork skills and offers students another way to express and develop their enjoyment of Mathematics.

Our intrepid mathematicians gave the competition a really good go and things heated up considerably in the relay towards the end of the day. Unfortunately, we did not progress to the national finals this year, but the students all had a good day and, we have learned a lot in readiness for next year’s competition.

Well done to Peter Ashdown, Rebecca Welsh, Ellen Feistner and Joshua Tovell.

Next up is the Junior Mathematics Challenge to be held on 1st April.


Mr McKechnie

Visit by Chloe Smith MP.

Visit by Chloe Smith MP.

As part of the Aylsham High School ‘So You Want to Be’ programme, working with Ambassadors from Inspiring the Future, Chloe Smith MP for Norwich North agreed to come in to school, to talk to students about politics and leadership and what she had learnt along the way. 

The event was open to any student in the school and there were Year 7s present, as well as representatives from all other years. She talked us through how she worked her way towards a career in politics from her early years at Swaffam  and  Methwold High School and then on to the University of York. She did this with great enthusiasm and passion, which was very motivating for us, irrespective of whether or not we wish to pursue a career in politics.  Having this opportunity to hear from people who have achieved their ambitions enables we young people to believe we too can work hard and achieve brilliant things


Millie Stephen

Futures Captain

Aylsham High School

Student Council Fundraising

Student Council Fundraising

Today, the Student Council arranged ‘Gunge the Teacher and  Cake Sale’ together with a Thailand Water project event, as part of Sport Relief and to support  an ex Aylsham High School student. It was well attend by all students who really enjoyed seeing their favourite teachers get gunged.


The event  raised £125.00.


Well done to the Student Council for working hard together to raise money for these two very worthwhile charities.




Gordonstoun Thailand Water Project 2014

In June 2014, I, along with a group of Gordonstoun staff and students, will be visiting northern Thailand. We will be working in the village of Ban Huay Nam Pee. The village has a population of 95 people, with 18 children. The village is made up of only 19 huts, with their only income from the rice that they grow.

Whilst there, we will be working together to provide a supply of clean water to a remote hill tribe. To do this, we will be finding a water source, over 2km away from the village, laying piping down to the village and then constructing a set of water tanks to store the water. This is going to be a very challenging and demanding task for myself and the rest of the group, mainly due the high temperatures that we will be working in, which we will definitely not be used to experiencing in Scotland!

Gordonstoun has been sending students to Thailand since 1986 and has a great track record with the project. I am very much looking forward to being part of a project that will truly improve the lives of a whole tribe

Any donation would be greatly appreciated and is going to a great cause.

Please feel free to contact me by email, if you want to know any more about the project.


Michael SawyerStone, ex Aylsham High School student who gained a scholarship place to Gordonstoun this year.


Year 8 Geography Trip to Gressenhall

Year 8 Geography Trip to Gressenhall

We went on a trip to Gressenhall at the start of March.  We did a series of activities and role plays for the purpose of expressing and reviewing opinions about developing the countryside.  The whole day was thinking about whether they should build houses on Gressenhall farm or not.  We went through 4 workshops.  The first was from a man who needed a house, the second from a building developer who tried to persuade us and compromise to let him build the houses, the third a farmer who was in debt and needed ideas to make money on the farm and the fourth was an environmentalist protesting against the destruction of the biodiversity of the farm.

The whole day was fun and we learnt to develop our opinions.  We explored a lot of different things from inspecting owl pellets to house pricing.  I would recommend this trip as an educational but fun day out.

Eve White and Bobbie Wilson (8G).

Paula Harrison Prize: Trip to MedImmune Scientific Research Laboratories, Cambridge, on 25th February

Paula Harrison Prize: Trip to MedImmune Scientific Research Laboratories, Cambridge, on 25th February

Paula Harrison (nee Daniels) attended Aylsham High School from 1982 – 87. She went to Bishops Stortford College and then to Cambridge University where she studied biology. Sadly, Paula  died last year. She had been working for the pharmaceutical company Medimmune where she worked in the field of drug discovery, with a particular emphasis on screening.

The Paula Harrison Prize has been established in her memory, and four of our year 8 students spent the day at Medimmune.

The day began with an introduction to the research carried out in the screening aspect of drug discovery. Students then went on to visit one of the labs, where they donned lab coats, safety specs and gloves, joined some real research scientists and got stuck in to some research.

They began by picking bacterial colonies so that they could be screened for useful antibodies, and then went on to perform an assay to screen for an active drug. The students learned aseptic lab techniques and how to use a micropipette. They then recorded their results and drew conclusions about which of the drugs were potentially useful.

Students were excited to be shown how to sterilise equipment using pure alcohol and a Bunsen flame, and loved watching some amazing robots in action in the lab; one of the robots has since been re-named ‘Wall-E’ as the students felt that it resembled the robot from the Disney-Pixar film.

Later, the students were given a tour of some of the other labs and made some model viruses and antibodies. The models really helped the pupils to understand how an antibody works.

The students had an amazing day and were inspired by what they had seen and done. They particularly enjoyed meeting the scientists, and hearing them talk so enthusiastically about their work; our students were delighted to find that real-life scientists are not geeky, aloof and intimidating, but funny, welcoming and just like ordinary people!

Norfolk Partnership Skiing Finals

Norfolk Partnership Skiing Finals

Some of our students recently represented North Norfolk at the  Norfolk Partnership Skiing finals last Friday.
Claudia Hawes was placed 3rd in the individual u14 event.

The North  Norfolk team, which included Rachel and Claudia won the U 14 team event and also won the team relay at the end of the event.

The photograph shows Claudia Hawes and Rachel Ling

There is a film too - it is the final for the pro-slalom relay - Rachel is the 3rd Skier and Claudie is the 5th, they are the dark blue team on the left hand side of the image.


Aylsham makes a splash in the Big Apple

Aylsham makes a splash in the Big Apple

On January 23rd 2014, 40 students from Years 10 and 11 began their journey to New York for the Business Studies and Maths school visit. This was the first time the school has ever organised a transatlantic school trip and the itinerary looked amazing.

We left the school at 2am and spent some 14 hours travelling before reaching our destination. Over the course of the next 3 days, the group visited all the sights of New York from Macy’s, the expansive department store, to Columbia University, where they attended a lecture and took a tour of the illustrious campus (leaving many students wishing they could attend school there). Visiting the 9/11 memorial was a sombre and sobering experience which was treasured by the group – it is a truly beautiful reminder of the sacrifices that were made and the lives that were lost. We went on a historical tour of renowned Wall Street, guided by real traders, before visiting the Deutch Bank. We walked across Brooklyn Bridge at a piercing temperature of -15°c and saw the wonders of New York at sunset from the Rockefeller Centre observation platforms. From the gloriously picturesque Central Park to the grand hotel featured in Home Alone 2, we saw it all. We ate at fantastic restaurants and we loved being genuine New Yorkers for the time we were there.

The whole experience has opened our eyes to the world, seeing how both the subjects of Business Studies and Maths impacts upon the global stage.

But what made the trip especially poignant was the fact that Mr Palmer, was leaving school very soon after the trip. Many photos were taken and memories were made, cementing the trip in the minds of the students forever.

As one of the students who went on the life-changing trip that Mrs Auber and Mr Palmer organised, I would just like to say that I am so grateful for all the hard-work and effort they put into the trip. Even if we didn’t know everyone when we left on the coach from school, we all managed to talk to everyone on the trip and as a group I feel that we’ve bonded due to the experience. We will forever remember this trip and the staff that supported us on it, so thank you from all of us.

Georgina Rowe, Business & Enterprise Captain, Year 11

Reflections of a Brilliant Ski Trip

Reflections of a Brilliant Ski Trip


After a 12 hour delay at Dover, the wait was all made worthwhile with an amazing week skiing, in amazing accommodation with an amazing view.

Firstly the teachers thought it would be nice to take us out to a bowling alley in the evening, which was quite an experience as it felt like we'd stepped back in time to the 1970s. Despite the funny looks from Austrians and the room being filled with smoke we still managed to have a great time.

Another evening out was spent at the spa pool in BKK which consisted of us jumping in and out of the outdoor pool, into the 2ft of snow, which was definitely one of the highlights of the week.

So many little things such as sledging, snow ball fights, playing cards in the evening really added to the holiday.

And last but not least, the skiing. Not only were the mountains breath taking with their views and the snow perfect but our instructors truly made our skiing experience one to remember. They brought laughs and smiles to us on the slope and entertainment and music on our last night (Alfred on his accordion) This trip would not of been such a memorable week if we didn't have our teachers to thank. If it wasn't for them we would not have any of these memories.


 Megan Kett-Brodie and Charlotte Springett.


Thank you to Mr Clarke, Mr Keats and all of the other members of staff who supported the trip.

Thank you too to all of our students for your brilliant behaviour, patience and ability to cope with all of the  challenges.

Intermediate Maths Challenge Congratulations

Intermediate Maths Challenge Congratulations


We are delighted to announce that our year 9s and year 10s who undertook the Intermediate Maths Challenge have secured some excellent results.

Across both years a they achieved a total of 7 Silver Certificates and 16 Bronze certificates. Results are listed below.

Bronze certificates

Samuel Midgley

Sebastian Elson

Stuart Hook

Bethany Morton

Kent Matthews

Keir Whiting

Jasmine Kelly

Dan Johnston

Jessica Spooner

Georgia Littlechild

Ben Would

Victoria Ing

Jordan Filby

Maddy Gomes

Thomas Wright

George Cabre


Silver certificates

Joel Hunter

Samuel Stubbs

William Buchan

Olivia Walsh

Florence Crass

Eleanor Dallain

Peter Ashdown


Best in year

Joel Hunter

Eleanor Dallain


Best in school

Joel Hunter


Notable achievements go to Eleanor Dallain and Peter Ashdown for achieving a certificate in year 9, and to Joel Hunter for being best in School. Joel was only 3 marks away from a Gold certificate and very close to progressing to the next stage of the challenge.

These are an excellent set of results and we in the Maths department are hugely impressed with the students performance given that this was the first year we have entered this level of the competition.

We'll done to all.

Next up is the Team Challenge on 12th March 2014 for years 8 and 9, followed by the UKMT Junior Mathematics Challenge on 1st May 2014.

Mr McKechnie

Henry V by the all-male cast Propeller

Henry V by the all-male cast Propeller


Students watched an amazing performance of Henry V by the all-male cast Propeller. We were very lucky to have them to come and perform for us at Aylsham High School. It was to support the Drama GCSE students whom needed to see a live performance to evaluate for their coursework.

 Propeller is an all-male Shakespeare company which seeks to find a more engaging way of expressing Shakespeare and to more completely explore the relationship between text and performance. Mixing a rigorous approach to the text with a modern physical aesthetic, they have been influenced by mask work, animation and classic and modern film and music from all ages. Productions are directed by Edward Hall, designed by Michael Pavelka with Lighting designed by Ben Ormerod

Propeller has toured internationally to Australia, Bangladesh, China, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey and the USA. 

The students and staff where all totally blown away by this performance and have all learnt so much from this experience.

Pippa Randall Year 10 student

Visit from author D.J.McCune

Visit from author D.J.McCune

Author Visit.  


On Thursday 13th February, children’s author, D.J. McCune paid a visit to  Aylsham High School. The visit was organised by Mrs Walker, the School Librarian.

Debbie (D.J.) McCune was born in Belfast and grew up in Carrickfergus.  Her books, The Mortal Knife, Death & Co are Epic Adventure books written for young teens.

Students were given the opportunity to take part in writing workshops and talk to her about her books and the writing process.  The students were given the opportunity to ask questions, purchase books and get them personally signed by the author.

Students asked:

 “What inspires your writing”?

I tend to write about characters who feel different  in some way or who are torn between the life they are living and the life they want to live. I think a lot of teenagers (and adults) can relate to this.

“How did you become an author”?

I wrote my first ever ‘book’ when I was a kid.  It was a thriller about an aboriginal man called Bill who lived in Northern Ireland and had his wallaby stolen. I even stapled it together. Three years ago I decided it was time to have a real go at writing. I joined a writing class, which spurred me on, and I had huge encouragement from my tutor, the writer Bernie McGill. I managed to finish two books.

What advice would you give to budding writers?

Keep at it! Writing is hard work at times, especially around the middle of the book-but it is an amazing feeling knowing that other people are going to read about the characters you love and hopefully love them too

 At the end of the visit students taking part thanked Mrs McCune for coming and asked her if she would come again.  A wonderful day for students and staff.


Thank you Mrs Walker for organising this visit.

Prom Fashion Show Friday 4th April 2014 7.30pm

Prom Fashion Show        Friday 4th  April 2014        7.30pm



On a sunny February half-term day, the Production Team of the ‘Class of 2014’ Prom Fashion Show took part in a photo-shoot at Wolterton Hall in preparation for their up-coming Show. Our fabulous Year 11 Model Chelsie wore gowns from Exquisite Boutique in Drayton - one of our sponsors, the wonderful photographs were taken by Year 11 Graphics student Millie and both were assisted by Beth.


Aside from their most important GCSE studies, the boys and girls taking part in the Show are rehearsing to ensure the catwalk event is the glamorous evening it looks set to be. Fashions will be provided by Exquisite Boutique, Blossom & Green and Roys of Wroxham. Our sincere thanks to these, and to Lady Walpole for the run of Wolterton Park for the photo-shoot. We will also be working with businesses selling fashion-related goods, beauty products, gifts, and much more, in the Business Auditorium. Tickets will be available from 17th March at school Reception or


Thank you to our amazing Year 11s for supporting each other in raising funds for their Prom, The Meningitis Trust and Water Aid

Please join us and see our wonderful students at their most gorgeous!

Mrs Wade

Abigail wins place to explore "How the universe lives and dies".

Abigail wins place to explore "How the universe lives and dies".

Abigail Mogie has won one of only 26 places on a residential course titled "How the universe lives and dies". The course, sponsored by the Ogden trust, is to be held at the start of July near Cambridge as part of their "inspiring excellence" programme. Applicants from 30 schools competed for places. The course will include seminars and practical workshops that are designed to stimulate thought and discussion.

Abigail will have the chance to work independently and in a group to research and present her ideas. There will be guest speakers and an organised visit during the week. Abigail has a very keen interest in Astronomy. She is currently studying triple science and working on her extended project about dark matter and dark energy. She has gained a place to study Physics, Mathematics, Further mathematics and Chemistry at A-level and is already clear that she wishes to study Physics at degree level specialising in Astrophysics in her final year. This opportunity should expand Abigail's experience and knowledge of Physics and Astronomy and provide her with an insight into what it means to be a research physicist.

We are really proud of her and look forward to hearing about the experience when she returns.

Miss McPherson

U12s League Champions 2013/2014

U12s League Champions 2013/2014


Aylsham FC Under 12s

The fantastic U12s won the league title by 5 points, scoring nearly 100 goals and finishing the season with an 8-1 away victory. All 17 of the squad are in Year 7 at AHS and have been exceptional all season.

Well done boys!

Bruce Ash

Friendly Faces support Year 7 and 8 Disco

Friendly Faces support Year 7 and 8 Disco

Last Friday the Friends of Aylsham High organised a disco for Year 7 and 8 disco. Our Friendly Face team were pleased to help with this and helped everyone to join in and dance the night away.

Friendly Face team enjoy training Reepham High's ALFs to be peer supporters

Friendly Face team enjoy training Reepham High's ALFs to be peer supporters

On Monday Friendly faces held an event for students from Reepham High school to
train to be peer supporters. Students were trained  through a variety of activities, designed and led by our Friendly Faces team. They were very pleased to be able to share their knowledge and skills to help other
schools with their anti bullying work.

Friendly Face team win Diana Award

Friendly Face team  win Diana Award

We are very proud to announce that our senior Friendly Face team have been awarded the Diana Award for work done over 2013 to promote anti-bullying. The team have been involved in a huge variety of activities over the year including supporting year 7 discos, running a year 7 anti-bullying day and activities during anti-bullying week in addition to their day to day Friendly Face duties.

Thank you to our wonderful Friendly Faces for everything that you do.


UK Mathematics Trust Intermediate Maths Challenge

UK Mathematics Trust Intermediate Maths Challenge

On Monday 10th February, our gifted and talented mathematicians in Years 9 and 10 at Aylsham High School entered the UK Mathematics Trust Intermediate Maths Challenge. This is the first time the school has entered this level of competition. The Intermediate Challenge is aimed at pupils in Year 11 or below in England and Wales, Year 12 or below in Northern Ireland and S4 or below in Scotland. The challenge involves answering 25 multiple choice questions in one hour and is sat in school under normal exam conditions.

In preparation for this event, both classes were given challenge papers from previous years. It is a very challenging task that encourages students to think differently about the problems they face as these are not straightforward GCSE style questions. The general consensus on completing this year’s event seemed to be that it was indeed very challenging. Any students achieving a certificate of any level in this challenge can consider their performance to be outstanding. We aim to continue to offer our gifted students opportunities to excel in this way, and as such are also looking forward to our Junior Maths Challenge, open to gifted year 7s and 8s, that will take place in school on 1st May this year, alongside the Team Challenge event on 12th March where 4 students from years 8 and 9 will compete directly with other schools (this event takes place at another venue).

High performers in the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge

The top 40% of students nationally receive a gold, silver or bronze certificate in the ratio 1:2:3 and each institution receives a Best in School certificate. Around 500 of the highest scorers in each school year are invited to take part in the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad papers: Cayley, Hamilton and Maclaurin for year 9, 10 and 11 and equivalent. A further 5,500 pupils from across all three year groups are invited to sit either the grey or pink European Kangaroo papers. These are one-hour papers with 25 multiple choice questions, taken by students from over 30 countries worldwide.

High scorers may additionally be invited to participate in one of the UKMT summer schools. Students who obtain the top score in their school may be invited to one of the UKMT "Best in School" events.

Fingers crossed now while we await our results…

Mr McKechnie

‘Inspiring The Future’ Ambassadors

‘Inspiring The Future’ Ambassadors

Today students met with Jenny Sandall from the Royal Mail to hear about accessing apprenticeship and graduate opportunities within a national company. Gathering information and support from a Recruitment Officer was an invaluable experience for our young people and a great help as they approach the future choices.

On Friday 14 March, we are excited to be welcoming Chloe Smith MP, also an Ambassador for Inspiring the Future, who will talk to interested students about study and careers in politics. Any student is welcome to join this lunch-time event.

For further information on careers/apprenticeships/LMI etc please follow @AHSFutures @IFFcareers

Bag Packing to raise money for Meningitis Research Foundation.

Bag Packing to raise money for Meningitis Research Foundation.

18 students volunteered their time on Saturday to pack customers’  groceries at the Aylsham branch of Tesco.  After bag packing for a 4 solid hours, their efforts were rewarded by raising an astounding £481.00 for The Meningitis Research Foundation.

We will be there again on Saturday March 22nd to help customers pack their shopping and look forward to seeing if we can beat this figure and maybe hit the £500.00 mark. 

Well done everyone!

Raising money for The Royal British Legion Womens Section

Raising money for The Royal British Legion Womens Section

The Royal British Legion Women's Section approached us last term to ask for our help to raise money, so they could help the many wives and children of the men who were killed in action. That was when we came up with the idea of 'Pocket Pals'. The little handkerchiefs that slotted into the blazer pocket, which could be made with many designs and colours. Each one was unique and the designs ranged from trains to ducks.  We sold the Pocket Pals for £2.50 and they were worn by lots of people. Even the Headteacher Mr Spalding was seen wearing one with a blue train.

In total we raised £168.90 for the charity and they were extremely pleased with the money. Everyone at Aylsham High school loved the Pocket Pals and they were a sell-out.


By Scarlett Addison (Student Council member)

Year 8 

Charlotte Matless wins first prize at a photographic competition at The Forum

Charlotte Matless wins first prize at a photographic competition at The Forum

Charlotte Matless recently took some amazing photos, which were entered into a competition at The Forum in Norwich. We are very proud to announce that she won first prize in the 11 - 13 age group category.

Well done Charlotte, what a brilliant achievement!

Year 7 Geography Photo Competition

Year 7 Geography Photo Competition


During the autumn term, Year 7 students were set the task of taking a photograph for their Geography homework.  The best photographs would be put forward for a Norfolk schools competition run by CPRE (The Campaign to Protect Rural England) called the Corbin Prize.  The criteria for the competition were that the photograph needed to capture how the Norfolk landscape is currently being used or has been used in the past.  Once submitted, the Geography department had the difficult task of deciding which 2 photos to put forward to the competition.  After much deliberation, the photographs of Thomas Curtis and Coby Wilson were selected.

In January, the competition judges shortlisted the best photographs and we were pleased to hear that both Thomas Curtis’ and Coby Wilson’s photographs had been selected.  The final prize giving announcement takes place in March and we have our fingers crossed for both boys.

Well done!

Mrs Dobson and Miss Wharton

Go Karting

Go Karting

Go karting is a motor sport for all ages. It can be done just for fun or more competitively by racing on a track from 5 karts up to 36. I started karting when I was 9 (a little late as some start as young as three!) I began by going to Cromer Kart track one day just for fun and became hooked and wanted to do more so I joined the club there and used to race most weeks.

My Dad bought me a Project 1(Cadet) kart to see if I really did enjoy it, which I did. I then started going to races at Ellough Park in Beccles. The competition was more intense there and I really had to push myself to another level to compete. My dad was a bit rusty with the engineering side so that’s when a friend suggested Glen Gower who has mechanic’d for Oli Oaks who became European champion and then moved on to being a F3 driver for Red Bull. Glen has  tutored me over the last 2 years.

To enter competitions, I had to get a licence called a National B licence which meant I had to do an exam and enter for 6 races as a novice, then I was able to get my National A licence and enter the Super One and LGM Championships, which is where some of the best drivers around the country gather to race. The tracks are all over the UK from Larkhall in Scotland, Glan-Y-Gors in Wales to PF International in Grantham which is the biggest and best known in the country for the most championships held. (and you can’t forget the special bridge they have on the track which no one else has!).

I have then joined various teams over the last few seasons which have all had British Champions in them. I am currently with the Mick Barrett Racing team and they have helped me to move up to a new class which is called ‘mini max’. These karts are a lot faster and can go up to 82 mph. Since I have been in these racing teams I have learnt many techniques like how to control the kart and to keep calm in any situation, how to judge the tracks and handle the kart in different types of weather. You have to be able to tell this in a matter of seconds due to the speed you are going!

To be able to jump into a kart you must wear the correct safety gear, a helmet, gloves, a kart suit and shoes. I find karting a thrilling and I would love to see more people involved particularly, from Aylsham High School as I really believe you can gain so much. I have been able to travel around the country and have met so many different people and learnt a lot technically.

I’ve learnt also that while you can do your best, sometimes, circumstances mean you don't always get what you deserve. But basically try your best and don't give up is what I always say! I don’t know how far I will get with this sport but I appreciate the opportunity I have been given and intend to make the most of it. Who knows where I may end up!  Maybe F1 ? !

By Tom Bayley


We are always very proud to report on the exciting achievements of our students out of school.

Well done Tom!


Henry Geaves is working his way up the national squash ranking

Henry Geaves is working his way up the national squash ranking

On the 7th and 8th of December 2013, Henry competed in the Ardleigh  Hall squash tournament in Colchester,  winning two of the four games, although losing out on his first game to the competition winner, putting Henry in 10th place.

Henry then played in the local Rossi's Grand Prix on the 22nd December, winning all his games to crown him the overall winner of the tournament.

The competitions that Henry is entering are gaining him points for his overall National Ranking where he now stands at 97th in England for the boys under 13's.

Well done Henry, we are all really proud of you and look forward to reporting more good news in the future.

North Norfolk Area Swimming Trials

North Norfolk Area Swimming Trials


Just before the holiday we held the area trials for Years 7,8 and 9.

We had 64 swimmers, resulting in 187 swims from 4 high schools in North Norfolk and  all schools will be represented at the county finals in March at the UEA.

Aylsham swimmers in Year 7 dominated all strokes with Victoria Lloyd finishing first in all her races, as did Tom Curtis for Year 7 boys. Year 8 boys had Chris Haslam won  3 out of his 4 races followed by David Johnson winning the other race. Louisa Pike got a 1st in her backstroke for Year 9 with Tom Owen winning the butterfly. This was a very close race with Liam Blatch finishing two hundredths of a second behind Tom and was really exciting to watch.

We also held the Primary Year 4,5 and 6 trials with 95 swimmers taking part, resulting in 246 swims, from 15 different schools.

Our cluster schools did well with Aldborough qualifying with 3 swimmers, Bure Valley with 4 swimmers and Buxton with 4 swimmers also.

Buxton swimmer Jessica Curtis in year 5 dominated all her races finishing 1st in each with Emily Haslam a close 2nd or 3rd. Maddie Adamson in year 4 won her Backstroke race.

Tilly Meyrick from Aldborough finished 1st in 3 of her races with Mollie White from Buxton finishing 1st in her breaststroke race for year 6 girls. Harry Barwick also dominated the year 6 boys, finishing first in all his races.

8 schools had swimmers qualify to go through to the county finals.


Well done to all those taking part. We look forward to hearing news from the Finals.

Mrs Hudson has set a 'Smartie Tube Challenge' to all students at Aylsham High School.  The aim is that as many children as possible will use their empty, stocking filler sweetie tubes to refill with money from friends, neighbours, family and anyone else they meet!

Will Byrne, a Year 11 student has made a brilliant start to this appeal by presenting Mrs Hudson with a Milky Bar tube containing £31.00 which was made up of coins that he had in a jar at home and another £10.00 of his own.

Thank you Will for this very generous donation. 

This money is being raised to sponsor Mr Sweatman and Mrs Hudson run the London Marathon next April to raise £7,000 for The Meningitis Research Foundation.

Please make sure your son/daughter has a smartie tube in their stocking this Christmas!   Thank you all and Happy Christmas.


Class of 2012 – Ellie Burton

Class of 2012 – Ellie Burton

We are immensely proud to congratulate our alumnus Ellie Burton who, in the eighteen months since she left AHS has become an international model, working on contracts such the Galaxy Chocolate TV ad (Ellie is Audrey Hepburn in the ad), Prada, Giorgio Armani, Hunger  and  magazine shoots with Marie-Claire the Sunday Times & Express plus many more. She has worked across Europe with well-known fashion houses and has an amazing future ahead of her!


Well done Ellie and best wishes from all at Aylsham High School

Mince pies for Christmas craft/ Shakespearean Event Saturday 7th December

Mince pies for Christmas craft/ Shakespearean Event Saturday 7th December


The making of mince pies for the Christmas Craft/Shakespearean Event was fully underway last night in the Catering Department (led by the very talented Mr Baxter).  The Catering Captain Megan Nickalls offered to make the mince pies for this Saturday’s event here at Aylsham High School. Not sure that she realised she would need to make 100!!

I am so grateful to all the students involved (Craig Smith & Lauren Jewell) as there is nothing better than a homemade mince pie.

Look forward to seeing you all Saturday for a homemade mince pie & a glass of mulled wine.

Tanya Wiseman

The North Norfolk Table Tennis Competition

The North Norfolk Table Tennis Competition

The North Norfolk Table Tennis Competition took place on Thursday 28th  November at Fakenham Sports & Fitness Centre to find the best 4 boys and girls to represent the Partnership at the County Finals in 2014.

14 boys and 11 girls from three schools (Alderman Peel, Aylsham High, Fakenham ) took part with both the boys and girls split into two groups and the top four of each group progressing to the 2nd round.

In the boys group ‘A’ Harley Dyson (AYL) went undefeated without losing a leg in all his six matches to win the group closely followed by  Alderman Peel’s Jacob Hewson who won five out of six  games.  Evan Legrange (AP) and Olli Flint (FAK) came 3rd & 4th  to qualify. In Group B Henry Geaves (AYL) won all his matches, only dropping one leg along the way which was against Josh Whittaker (AP) who came second in the group. Ben Portas  (AYL) and Ben High Caston (AP) came 3rd & 4th.

In the second round Harley Dyson won group A ahead of Josh Whittaker and in Group B Henry Geaves took the group from Jacob Hewson, all four qualifying for the finals. To decide playing order, Henry  Geaves beat Harley Dyson in three close games for the Number 1 spot, with Jacob Hewson edging out Josh Whittaker for the number 3 place.

In the Girls Groups Sabrina Rayner (AP) easily won her matches not dropping any legs with Tilly Betts (AP) finishing second only losing one match. Gemma Ridgway (AYL) came 3rd with Juliette Kelly (AYL) 4th.            Carrie Last (AYL) also won her group winning every match with Hollie Betts (AP) coming second followed by Maddy Gomes (AYL) & Jade Hutchinson (FAK). In the 2nd Round Sabrina Rayner topped the group with Hollie Betts second, Carrie Last won her group with Tilly Betts runner up with these four qualifying for the finals.

In the play offs Carrie Last edged out Sabrina Rayner in three legs for the number 1 spot while Hollie Betts beat her sister for the 3rd place.

All in all a good afternoon of competitive Table Tennis, enjoyed by all who took part. Thanks to all the teachers and coaches who helped the smooth running of the competition and good luck to all eight players in the finals in 2014. 


Young Chamber Business Breakfast

Young Chamber Business Breakfast


The students of the AHS Young Chamber have been working extremely hard to organise another Business Breakfast. The key date for your diary is Friday 13th December. The breakfast costs just £5 per head, which includes breakfast prepared by our award winning catering department, followed by a talk from Icarus Hines on the ‘Changing trends in high street retailing’.

Please contact us for more information and to reserve your place.

Aylsham High School Young Chamber

Anti-bullying Week

Anti-bullying Week

Last week was anti-bullying week and as a result friendly faces were really busy. 

Friendly Face captains Finn and Abi went to London on Monday to the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors conference and got to meet other anti-bullying ambassadors from across the country and take part in  a public speaking workshop run by TV presenter Carrie Grant and drama workshop with Actor Charlie Mills.

Year 10 friendly faces did an anti-bullying assembly to show off an anti-bullying week video filmed by James Hubbard, visited form groups to talk about anti-bullying week, sold anti-bullying wrist bands and made and got the student body to sign an anti-bullying pledge wall.

On Friday the team were visited by Kieran Stanbridge who works for the Diana award to see their work and film some short films to be used nationally to promote anti-bullying messages on @antibullyingpro

Anti-bullying week video can be viewed here

Picture shows friendly face captains Abi and Finn at the anti-bullying conference in London


Well done Friendly Faces. We are extremely proud of your work and of your huge commitment to supporting others. You are tremendous role models at our school.




On Thursday 14th November we were privileged to be part of the Official Opening Ceremony of the newly constructed workshop. Our local MP Norman Lamb came along to join us in the ceremony.

During the summer the school rebuilt the workshop which was once an old rundown Aircraft Hanger. This was quite often cold and windy and full of holes in the roof which leaked rain and snow. The transformation has been immense. It now looks like a professional mechanics and construction workshop with better resources available and not only much warmer but has a roof that doesn’t leak anymore.

On the day we were in two groups working on our practical skills that we have learnt over the last year. Mr Norman Lamb came into the workshop and had a look around at the new facilities and had the opportunity to see what  we do when we are at Sidestrand.

We were fortunate to engage in conversation with Mr Norman Lamb who asked us how much easier it will be to work in the new environment compared to the old hanger. He also asked us what we had learnt in the past year and said that he was really pleased with what we were doing and how far we have come over the last year on the course.

Not only has it made our course much more enjoyable, it has also made a huge difference for the pupils and staff at Sidestrand Hall School.    

Owen Woodcock

Year 11

The Tony Greenfield Memorial Public Speaking Competition

The Tony Greenfield Memorial Public Speaking Competition

The Final of the competition was held on the evening of Thursday 21st November in front of an audience of over 80. The Finalists had been tasked with speaking on the subject of ‘How essential are shops and services to the future of the town centres in the UK?’ Each one prepared themselves with professionalism and style and delivered outstanding 3 minute speeches . The students, two from each Year group had taken part in earlier Heats and reached the Final which was kindly sponsored by the Rotary Club of Aylsham. The Judges had a tough job in selecting the winners but the positions were justly deserved. We are proud of each of our wonderful students who took part in the competition, and huge congratulations to  James Hubbard who took a well-deserved First Place, to Jessica Spooner who came Second, and to Calan Gray who earned a fine Third position.  The prizes were presented to the Winners by Mrs T Greenfield.


Sincere thanks to everyone who supported the event, and in particular, to everyone at the Rotary Club of Aylsham for their continued support of our students.


Thank you to Mrs Wade for organising such a tremendous event and for supporting all of the students.

Year 8 ‘Your Future’ Day

Year 8 ‘Your Future’ Day



On Thursday 21st November, Year 8s spent their school day with colleagues from the Barclays life Skills Team, working on their understanding of financial capabilities, how to overcome challenges in life and ways to improve their confidence. As part of the tasks set, teams had to put together a plan for a large social event and work out expenditure and profit – some interesting ideas evolved!


We are most grateful to Nina for arranging this opportunity with us, for ‘Charles the Legend’ for delivering it with such panache and to the rest of the Team for their support and enthusiasm


Dianne Wade

CEAIG Coordinator

CFN (craftsman) Chettleburgh, REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)

CFN (craftsman) Chettleburgh, REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)

Jack Chettleburgh

I applied for the army and went through the selection process while I was in school. I Started my basic training in September 2012 at AFC (Army Foundation College) Harrogate, where all junior entry soldiers do basic training, I finished basic training in February 2013. During basic training we never had any time to play sport. After finishing basic training I started phase 2 at 11 training battalion, in Arborfield, where I am training to become a combat systems technician in the REME. Since starting phase 2 I began playing rugby again, for the battalion team who were last year’s army champions. Rugby in the army is amazing, we have been to Cardiff on a weekend tour and played there, we are going to Croatia next Easter on tour and we often get the opportunity to hold the flags at Twickenham when England are playing. The team manager sorts it all out and asks the lads in the team if they would like to do it, it gets rotated fairly so the same people aren't always doing it and so everyone gets the opportunity. I held the flags for the England vs Argentina game this month on remembrance weekend, and not only did I get to hold the flag on the pitch I got a free ticket to watch the game as well.

Well done Jack we are all so proud of your huge achievements. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes from all the Staff at Aylsham High School 

French Exchange Visit.

French Exchange Visit.

I would certainly recommend the French Exchange. Not only is it excellent for improving your French ( I learnt lots of new words and improved my confidence in speaking and understanding ) , but it is also great for your confidence.

I learnt about daily life in France and tasted  some fantastic food. I saw amazing sights such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame which I have never seen before.

Most of all, I have made new friends both French and English and had great fun.

Tom Wright

AHS Young Chamber provides support to local business, Woodgate Nursery.

AHS Young Chamber provides support to local business, Woodgate Nursery.

 AHS Young Chamber has been working with Woodgate Nursery in Aylsham  to help  them with their development plans for the future.  Already the group has visited the nursery, conducted market research and held several meetings where many ideas have been discussed. Now the time has come to put our proposals forward to the owner and manager and hope that they come to fruition!

This project has been great for all of us involved in the AHSYC. We’ve got to speak to real people about real business situations. It’s been really rewarding as it improves our enterprising skills such as organisation, communication and initiative. It’s also been very profitable for the business as they get a young person’s view on how to update their business and make it as efficient as possible.

Young Chamber is a great team, full of brilliant people who all want to achieve their full potential. If you’d like to become a part of this group then please speak to any member of the Young Chamber or Mr Turrell. 

Ashlynn Sparrow-Parker

Year 10 YC Member

Year 7 Anti-bullying Day

Year 7 Anti-bullying Day


The last day of last half term was Year 7 anti-bullying day. Our aim of the day was to make year 7 more aware of bullying and the various forms it takes and how to tackle it if they happened to come across it. We designed a variety of workshops with Mr Sexton to help us do this. In the morning the Friendly Face team led a carousel of activities which made students think about what bullying is and how to tackle it. This was followed up by a session to make students more aware about cyber bullying. The afternoon was for students to apply what they had learnt in the morning to create displays of bullies covered by and beaten with loads of positive messages and practical anti-bullying ideas. This was followed up by every student in the session creating a part of what will become an anti-bullying string of bunting to be put up somewhere within school. The aim is to keep adding to it year on year so that by the end of five years we have an anti-bullying display piece which declares our intention to keep Aylsham High bullying free which has been contributed to by every member of the student body. The final part of the session was the unveiling of a music video. While the rest of the student body was off working on the day The Eagles were working with Mrs Sexton to write and perform an anti-bullying song supported by two of our more musical friendly faces. The were stunning and it was a nice reminder and summary of why we had spent the day looking at anti-bullying.


A huge thanks to Mr and Mrs Sexton and Mr Askew who helped with the day and James Hubbard who photographed the event.

The Friendly Face Team


Thank you Miss Connor for your continuous support, recognition and ambition for Friendly Faces.

Year 9 Rugby team win Norfolk Shield

Year 9 Rugby team win Norfolk Shield

Last week the Year 9 Rugby team won the 12 a side Norfolk Shield at Wymondham College. All pupils played extremely well, with hard tackling in defence and creativity in attack.

The hard work and commitment of all of our teams makes us really proud. Well done Year 9s.

East Coast Classic Surf Competition

East Coast Classic Surf Competition

The annual East Coast Classic surf competition took place recently in Cromer.

The event, organised by the North Norfolk Surf Life Saving Club, attracted 18 competitors from all over Norfolk plus Devon, Wales and Essex, taking part in either long or short board events.

Each was judged on how many waves they caught and their two best waves. Points were awarded for manoeuvres used to ride the waves, involving techniques with names including carving turns, cut backs, and 360 degrees.

Winner of the junior section was Aylsham student, Eloise Thorogood.

Well done Eloise and all of our other surfers. This is a first for Aylsham High and a brilliant example of the wide range of sporting activites on offer.