Carnegie Greenaway Award 2015 Shadowing Group

Carnegie Greenaway Award 2015 Shadowing Group

And so our adventure comes to an end; 6 weeks of avid reading and reviewing, discussing and dissecting. We began scaling the books shortlisted in April, and from then on we were entirely engrossed in the writing of the 8 Authors. As a group, we were convinced without shadow of a doubt that ‘More Than This’ by Patrick Ness was going to win, and for weeks we scoured for a rival amongst the shortlist, but our vote remained unanimous; and the story of Seth in an abandoned hell was a clear victor.

Our little club visited Sheringham High school on the day of the announcement. We were welcomed with books, refreshments and quizzes- it was a wonderful afternoon. Our original hypothesis, however, was wrong! Buffalo Soldier, a fantastic read, penned by Tanya Landman, grabbed the title from the clutches of Ness; who would’ve made it his third Carnegie Medal in the 11-19 year old category.

The experience has been enriching and rewarding. Everyone was able to expand their reading palette and explore a diverse range of genres, each book offering an original plotline. The group is immensely proud that we created a page on the Carnegie website, and that we were able to represent the school in this memorable event, which showcased infinite talent.

Ben Waller


What an adventure, a fabulous selection of books shortlisted this year:

Brian Conaghan                                    When Mr. Dog Bites Bloomsbury (Age14+) ISBN: 9781408842539 (hardback) 9781408838365 (paperback)

Sarah Crossan                                       Apple and Rain Bloomsbury (Age 11+) ISBN: 9781408853061 (hardback) 9781408827130 (paperback

Sally Gardner                                        Tinder Orion (Age 11+) ISBN: 9781780621494 (hardback

Frances Hardinge                                 Cuckoo Song Macmillan (Age 11+) ISBN: 9780330519731 (paperback)

Elizabeth Laird                                      The Fastest Boy In The World Macmillan (Age 9+) ISBN: 9781447267164 (hardback) 9781447267171 (paperback)

Tanya Landman                                    Buffalo Soldier Walker (Age 14+

The winning title                                   ISBN: 9781406314595 (paperback)

 Geraldine McCaughrean                     The Middle of Nowhere Usborne (Age 11+) ISBN: 9781409522003 (hardback) 9781409570516 (paperback)

Patrick Ness                                          More Than This Walker (Age 14+) ISBN: 9781406331158 (hardback) 9781406350487 (paperback.

The group read all eight books within six weeks and produced an amazing Aylsham High School’s Carnegie website in the short space of time available. They all worked incredibly hard, constantly reviewing books they had read and adding their reviews.

Please take time to visit the site to find information on the shortlisted books and read the student reviews, watch their videos, and much more….

To all those students who took part in this year’s Carnegie Award, Well Done!        

Mrs Walker, Librarian

Outdoor Learning Trip to Blickling

Outdoor Learning Trip to Blickling

Aylsham High School students rose to the challenge and worked really hard in pretty uncomfortable conditions, learning how to manage a habitat by controlling the spread of Himalayan Balsam.

Who knew you could experience the jungle so close to Aylsham? Congratulations to students from both groups who impressed the National Trust staff with their knowledge and their willingness to muck in.

Skills noted were teamwork, adaptability and communication skills. All used by Outdoor Learning students at Blickling, all skills that employer's say they look for in job seekers.

Diane Clark

Futures Day 2015

Futures Day 2015

On Friday 10 July our Year 11 students met with colleges,  training providers and employers who kindly came in to school to support our students with their post-16 plans. The students found the opportunity extremely helpful in beginning preparations for applications which will begin in September.


Our sincere thanks to everyone who attended and inspired our young people.


Thank you




Dianne Wade

CEIAG Coordinator



Cley 15 Contemporary Exhibition

Cley 15 Contemporary Exhibition

Marvellous in Ordinary

 Beach People

15 Fine Art and Graphics students from Years 9 and 10 were selected to produce work for the Cley 15 Contemporary Exhibition. These sculptures were made during 4 half-day workshops led by Jessica Perry, demonstrating techniques used in her own work.

All the sculptures were displayed and available for sale alongside Jessica’s figures as part of a collaborative sculpture presentation within the show, featuring a range of work by professional artists with links to East Anglia.

The exhibition was open to the public from July 2nd to August 3rd 2015 at St Margaret’s Church, Cley.

Inter-House Handwriting Competition

Inter-House Handwriting Competition


At the beginning of the year the English department held an Inter-House Handwriting competition. Ishtar Parrish-Wain the school English captain (2014-2015) designed a poster to advertise the competition and visited all the school house assemblies to announce it, under the guidance of Mrs Bishop, HLTA of the English Department. Once the deadline had been met for the competition all the entries were judged by Ishtar and Mrs Bishop. There were over 100 entries of which standards were very high but finally a winner was chosen with second and third place, plus an honorary mention for a fourth student who had put a tremendous effort into her entry. Each winning student was awarded lots of house points for their school house.

The winners were as follows:

1st place – Megan Blair WTC

2nd place – So Lee Jung WJB

3rd place – Albert Salimov FCH

Honorary entry – Yaqi Highton FHH

There will be another handwriting competition next year so please keep a look out for the details.

Mrs Bishop, HLTA, English Department


Young Chamber BOOST Day

Young Chamber BOOST Day

On Monday 29 June 50 students from Year 7 were selected to take part in the annual Young Chamber BOOST Day.  BOOST is an acronym for building on our skills together, it allows students to use and develop their enterprise skills whilst working on a real live brief.  This year we worked in partnership with Aylsham Rotary to develop a brand strategy for the charitable activities that take place at Aylsham High School. This was our toughest challenge to date and really tested the students in the purpose, audience and overall aims for the brand.

 But don’t take our word for it, here’s what the Year 7s thought:

 My enterprise skills have improved a lot today, I have improved my teamwork especially, as all day I have been working alongside my wonderful group. As well I have worked on my communication skills after pitching my ideas.

The day has been an amazing experience, and I am planning to take all of my newly developed skills into much of my future work.

Samantha Daniels


My name is Eve and I took part in the year 7 BOOST Day 2015. When I was chosen to take part in this day, I was quite privileged and proud because only 50 year 7 students were chosen. I was really excited that, with a group of friends, I could design our very own charity brand. I always enjoy enterprise lessons so I was looking forward to it. During the day I was one of the designers and took part in making the main logo and creating the Facebook page. I loved being able to do this. While taking part I thought me and my teammates worked really well together and our overall performance went quite well. I think I have developed my teamwork lots through-out the day and also being able to innovate our idea to a better one. Overall I've really really enjoyed BOOST day and being able to have this opportunity!

Eve Gallagher


When I first found out that I was picked for BOOST Day, I felt really proud and I felt really privileged. During BOOST Day, I was one of the three designers in the group. My job was to design and make the t-shirt I also helped make the banner, the pen and the power point. I believe that our group did a great presentation and we were very creative. We used a variety of different enterprise skills like, creativity, determination teamwork and innovation.

Henry Hill 


After some very professional presentations the winners were announced, the group who will see their brand become a reality are The Marketing Unicorns.

 I’d like to congratulate the Year 7s on their fantastic efforts during the day, they were absolutely amazing.  This was my first event as Business and Enterprise Captain and I feel very honoured I was able to play such a big role in the day, I look forward to many more in the year ahead.

 Dominic Harvey

Business and Enterprise Captain

Congratulations to Aylsham High student Alex Skinner

Congratulations to Aylsham High student Alex Skinner

Norfolk to get its first child doctors as Children’s University awards its first ‘PhDs’

Alex Skinner from Martham near Aylsham, became one of the county’s first child doctors, when he received a doctorate from the Norfolk Children’s University. Alex has clocked up more than 830 hours of voluntary learning, making him the university’s most dedicated student.

The Aylsham High School student is one of more than 1,200 children who graduated at special ceremonies at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in June. Led locally by Norfolk County Council, the Children’s University aims to inspire children to develop a passion for learning outside of the classroom. The programme is open to anyone aged five to fourteen and gives children the chance to collect stamps in a special Passport to Learning, for each hour of approved learning that takes place outside school. Stamps can be collected in over 150 accredited learning destinations in Norfolk, or in hundreds of other destinations across the country.

Alex, who has been a Children’s University student for five years, received his doctorate from Louis De Bernieres, award-winning author and Chancellor of the Children’s University in Norfolk. At the event Alex showcased his achievements through a video he has produced to show the impact that the Children’s University has had on his life. He said: “I enjoy being part of Norfolk Children's University and I would recommend it to anybody under 14 years, I am hoping they will extend this age.   "The Passport to Learning makes learning fun and attending graduations make you feel as if you have really achieved something. "I am pleased that I have reached my award at Doctorate level, and now want to go on and get to the highest level possible- Fellowship level."

Author Louis De Bernieres (who is the Norfolk Chidlren’s Unviersity Chancellor) said: "If you want to be successful and get the most out of life, you should go a bit further than you have to. That’s what the Children’s University does- it adds extra quality to children’s learning."

Well Done Alex!




North Norfolk Gifted & Talented Challenge

North Norfolk Gifted & Talented Challenge

North Norfolk Gifted & Talented Challenge

 Year 11 Gifted & Talented students were able to spend a day at Paston College exploring their future options and taking part in a Challenge. The students had an informative and enlightening opportunity, attending AS level classes of their choice which will undoubtedly support their decisions for post-16 plans.


Dianne Wade

CEIAG Coordinator

Message from our new Head Boy and Head Girl

Message from our new Head Boy and Head Girl

We have both attended Aylsham High School for four years now, and I definitely think one of the most striking things about this extraordinary school is the enormous team of people that go together to make Aylsham High what it is. This team helps to hold an amazing connection between students and teachers, and creates all sorts of fantastic opportunities for students to get involved with activities inside and outside of school. As well as this, mainly due to our cluster community, we have a strong connection with the primary schools in Norfolk which we found extremely helpful when going through the nerve-racking process of moving from primary school to secondary.

As head boy and head girl, we are so incredibly grateful to be key ambassadors for the school, and are looking forward to inputting our own skills and ideas to help this school carry on thriving in the way that it already is. We both feel extremely proud to be part of the community that is Aylsham High School.

Maddy Gomes and Liam Blatch

Meet DRAGon - Perry...

Meet DRAGon - Perry...

Meet DRAGon-Perry…

This year’s contribution to the GoGoDragon Trail by 26 of our students at AHS.  Our Yr7 and Yr8 students were led by our Art Captain Lydia Whiting and Graphics Captain Matty Shirtcliff in after school club sessions. Students liked playing on ideas with the word Dragon which led to combining ideas with the work of contemporary artist Grayson Perry and his alter ego Claire. Grayson’s own work explores identity and recent televised series include ‘Who do you think you are’ and ‘All in the Best PossibleTaste’.  Students took a section each of  DRAGon-Perry and used the space to say a little about themselves. Their combined efforts have succeeded in capturing the multi-layered and complex visuals celebrated in Grayson’s work.

 DRAGon-Perry will be displayed in Chapelfield Shopping Centre from July 4th and will be part of the 80 large and 120 baby school dragons on this year’s trail. See the following link to download a trail map.