Class of 2017 Future Soldier


“When I began my post-16 decision-making last September, I was determined to follow my family into the military. Although I was unsure if I would succeed, I was encouraged to aim high and apply for the Army Foundation College in Harrogate. I was given a pre-selection place at the Army Reserve Centre  initially, via the recruitment centre in Norwich, where my recruiting officer there suggested I apply for Harrogate.


Initially I had a weekend-long interview at Lichfield, with team tasks and fitness assessments, all with the aim of joining the Rifle Regiment. During the time between that acceptance and my interview for a final offer, I had to keep-up my fitness levels to ensure I could compete at the highest level. At my final interview I passed all written and fitness tasks with grade As and received an excellent report. I am so happy to have been made an offer to join the Army Foundation College on 1st October 2017 and look forward to a career in the Rifle Regiment”


Jack Conroy

Class of 2017


We are proud that Jack is to become a member of our armed services and wish him every success as he begins his training to become a rifleman. Stay safe, Jack. You are an inspiration.


Dianne Wade

Guidance Adviser