Work Experience 2017

Work Experience 2017


 Year 11s began preparation for their final year at Aylsham High School with a week of work experience at a variety of placements. Each student in the year group self-generated and for many, sampled what may be their future career.

We are always fortunate to work with a variety of wonderful employers, all willing to offer our young people their expertise, guidance and support. For some students their work experience results in an apprenticeship offer, part-time employment, a future reference and engagement with potential employers in the future.

 This year we had many students in schools, in media and medical-related placements, a record number at veterinary practices, engineering opportunities, architecture, theatre, media, the arts, museum services, charities and one at a royal estate.

Each opportunity will have an impact on their future choices and we are thankful to every employer who works with us in support of our programme.


Dianne Wade

Guidance Adviser