Peer Coach Training 2017

Peer Coach Training 2017


A peer coach is a year nine student who helps and mentors year seven and eight students with friendship and academic needs.

Peer coaches help the younger students with roles like filling out pages in their learning journals and discussing student well- being. They also ensure that the years sevens have a smooth transition to high school and that they are comfortable in their learning environment.

One of the pages they may help with is the weekly achievements page in the learning journal. This page helps students reflect on their past week and see what they have done well and how they could improve in the next week.

Peer coaches also help with the student well-being page which gives a clear reflection on how year seven and eight students are feeling at school whether it be with school subjects or friendship issues. This then helps peer coaches to locate and help fix the problem to make school life better for younger students.

As another part of helping these problems peer coaches also set smart targets for school subjects to help year seven and eight students improve. A smart target is one that is specific, measurable,  achievable,  relevant and timed. This then helps peer coaches to send the younger students to subject captains or teachers who could help them achieve these targets or friendly faces and peace makers if it is a friendship issue.

It is good to be a peer coach because it gives you a role of responsibility and leadership in the school. It also allows you to help younger students meet their targets and improve their well-being in the school.

By Sian Year 9 Senior Peer Coach