Ice Course Students are RHS Winners

Ice Course Students are RHS Winners


We were invited to attend the launch event of the RHS ‘ Green Plan It’ Challenge at Easton College on Friday 22nd September.  Here we met our mentors (Kenny and Rachel) and found out we had to design a garden for the school or community to enjoy.  We chose to use our outdoor learning garden that we have in school.  We walked around Easton college and got lots of ideas. We split into two teams and named ourselves 'ICE ICE Uno' and 'Team Pollinators.'


When we got back to school we had 10 weeks to design our garden. We had to come up with ideas and a concept.  ICE ICE Uno chose 'The Elements' and Team Pollinators chose 'The Five Senses.'


It was then lots of hard work and model making to design our gardens. Kenny and Rachel were brilliant mentors and helped us with lots of ideas. Wendy and Shelly, who are both involved in Aylsham in Bloom and are also our RHS volunteers helped us with names of plants and what would grow well.


1 December we went back to Easton college to present our models. We arrived at school feeling excited. We all had speeches to say and we were all worried about saying them. Both groups piled onto the mini bus and Mr Sweatman said it was the quietest ride he had ever had. I think it was because we were all so nervous. 


When we arrived at Easton college, we went straight to the conference room and started to make our display boards to go with our model. More and more schools arrived and they were all bringing their models in. Was ours the best? We were up against 8 other schools!


After a brief talk and meeting the judges it was time. ICE ICE Uno were the first to get judged. Both groups were very nervous but the speeches were fantastic and gave the judges lots of information.


When judging had finished it was lunchtime and the judges went to a private room to discuss who they thought was the best.


Lunchtime seemed to take forever! Had we won? We had the chance to vote for 'The Pupils Choice' award so we walked round and chose who we thought was the best model. Finally lunchtime was over and the winners were announced.


Team Pollinators won 'The Pupils Choice'

ICE ICE Uno won 'The Most Innovative'


Both teams won a trophy, an RHS book and £100 gardening vouchers.


Coming back to school was not as quiet on the mini bus!


Written by Harry and Jessica  (Year 9 - ICE Course students)