British Heart Foundation

On April the 22nd 2018, I will be running in the London Marathon.  My chosen charity is the British Heart Foundation.

WHY? I hear you shout.

If it wasn't for all the research that the British Heart Foundation has done I would not be here today, four years ago I was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. This needed two operations and thanks to their pioneering research I am, for the moment able to lead a normal life.  This had led me to supporting this charity and wanting to give them something back.

I spoke with the school student council and put an idea to them of the "smarties competition". The idea is to be able to give every child in the school a tube of smarties to take home.  If able to, they can eat the smarties and then re-use the tube to collect loose change from around the house/under cushions/in the car.  Anything 5p or over.  (Notes are also welcome)

The school student council wanted to help me and were very eager, coming up with the idea of arranging the returned smarties tubes on the school field in the shape of a heart. The school student council were also very eager to help me promote the idea to businesses and/or people to donate boxes of smarties so we can give one to each and every child.  It is a very small heart in the picture, so please come on board with us at Aylsham High School and "help our heart grow."

If you would be able to donate any tubes of smarties please contact or leave at the main reception.

Many thanks to all the students and staff at Aylsham High School

Laura Cornwell

Learning Support Team