ICT in Physical Education Training Workshop for UEA PE specialist Trainee Teachers


Recently, the PE department of Aylsham High School hosted the UEA PE specialist trainee teachers for a morning workshop on using ICT in Physical Education lessons.

Julie Zulu led the session. Throughout the morning, the student teachers were shown how a number of applications might be used in the teaching and learning of PE.  They were then given the opportunity to experience for themselves how they work, in particular an app called Hudl Technique,  which allows videos to be captured of pupils’ performance and then these images can be shown in slow motion, can be easily annotated and also used to compare one image with another to help highlight possible improvements in technique. 

Finally, the student teachers were able to put these new skills into practice with a year 8 class.

The workshop was a great success and has now been included as part of the formal training for the UEA Physical Education Postgraduate Certificate in Education.


Julie Zulu