Drama Captains 2018/19

Drama Captains 2018/19


 Grace White FTW “I’ve wanted drama captain since year 7 and I’ve worked for this position ever since. I am very passionate about the subject and having this role means so much to me. My love for drama has continued to grow since then and I have been involved in productions such as King and I, 42nd Street and many others, I am also hoping to be part of Sister Act next year. Whilst being drama captain I hope to encourage younger students in lots of different ways, this can be done through drama club which I’m so excited about running next year alongside my fellow captain, George. This would also help boost their confidence as it helped me.”

 George Hinson HSC "I am so excited and honoured to be one of this year’s drama captains. I have always had a passion for drama, so this is a great opportunity to share my enthusiasm with others, inspiring them to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. This year I was lucky enough to be part of the amazing cast of 42nd street, which was without a doubt the highlight of my school career and I look forward to auditioning for Sister Act, the 21st Martin and Wiseman production later on this year. I’d like to thank Mrs Martin for this amazing opportunity and I look forward for the year to come.

 We both look forward to seeing you all at the Murder Mystery Evening Saturday 1 December at Aylsham High School 2018 and Sister Act Opening Night March 13 to Saturday 16 March 2019. All enquires re tickets can be made via 


Grace and George

Year 11