Design and Technology Captains

Design and Technology Captains

Design and Technology Captain - Ashlee, BHC

Having already completed the engineering GCSE last year I have taken the option of DT metalwork for my final year of school. I felt that I knew enough to apply for the design and technology captaincy and would still be learning this year.

The role of design and technology captain means I cover both the DT metal and DT wood departments as well as the STEM school challenge. I will also be guiding the students to help them achieve high grades, supporting my subject teachers and helping out with lunchtimes if needed.

This is an amazing role which I’m proud to have been selected for.

Ashlee, Year 11.


Engineering Captain - Buddy Monger, HDB

While doing the engineering GCSE course, I was inspired to become the engineering captain of 2018-19. I felt that this role would suit me because I have always enjoyed engineering and have taken part in the youth STEM award bronze and the F1 in schools challenge, and look forward to taking part in the silver award next year and having a second attempt at the F1 in schools as one of the team captains.

I am happy to help students who require any aid in engineering based areas and put forward any ideas for STEM based competitions that any students come up with.

I am very honoured to have this role and look forward to working with the design & technology captain, Ashlee, and Mr Whiting-Smith, the head of department.

Buddy, Year 11