Year 8 Eagles Lecture at the UEA

Year 8 Eagles Lecture at the UEA


On Wednesday 10 October 2018, Mr Sweatman and Miss Ducker took two Nurture students from year 8 to speak in a lecture to over 150 PGCE students. Mr Sweatman delivers an annual lecture on ‘Engaging SEND students’ and part of the lecture refers to the various ways staff can support students social and emotional needs.

Lucia  and Jenson, year 8 Eagles, accepted Mr Sweatman’s invitation to join him when delivering the lecture and both spoke in an incredibly calm and confident manner about their own educational journey, whilst sharing ideas that the PGCE students can use within their own placement schools. Shortly after the lecture had finished, Mr Sweatman received the following email from a PGCE student who was present at the lecture;

 ‘I wanted to email you to let you know how impressed I was at the way your two students spoke in the presentation this afternoon. They spoke with honesty and bravery about a topic which is not easy to talk about.

I was talking with some other trainees afterwards and we were all extremely impressed by them. They truly reflect well upon your school and your Nurture program. It was a pleasure to hear them speak.’

 We are all incredibly proud of both Lucia and Jenson. A simply amazing accomplishment.


Danny Sweatman

Head of Nurture @AHS_Nurture