Aylsham High School - NYC 2019

Aylsham High School - NYC 2019

In January 2019 I had the greatest opportunity to lead an educational visit to New York. The trip is one that seeks to embed the cultural and economic significance one city can truly have upon the world.

The itinerary is jammed packed! We get to see so many wonderful sights and have very unique experiences of what living, working and studying in the US could be like. For me personally, it is an opportunity to make my subjects of business and enterprise come to life, for students to experience learning beyond the classroom and for them to consider and inform their future life choices.

I am incredibly grateful to the wonderful students, they were absolutely superb throughout the time we were away, and to my fellow colleagues who accompanied and supported the students. Being able to observe and just take in the students and staff reactions to different parts, for me, was very special and I am very proud to have been able to create those moments for them all. Moments to last a life time.

I will be looking to organise another visit in January 2021, this would be open to students who are currently in years 8 and 9. Please contact me for more details.

Mrs Emmalucy Auber


Student Perspective of NYC Visit

Aylsham High School’s trip to the city that never sleeps was an experience that has created memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Whether it be standing at the top of the Rockefeller Centre surveying Manhattan at night, or eating at the World famous Hard Rock Café in Times Square, even standing outside the United States Stock exchange, on Wall Street, absorbing the fact we were outside one of the most important financial hubs in all of the Western World.

However, this wonderful trip was about more than just going up some awesome buildings (including the tallest one in the Western Hemisphere) and eating in iconic restaurants. It was about going places that had the potential to change our lives. For me, this was best demonstrated by our trip to visit Columbia University. Most impressive were the sports facilities - especially a particularly elaborate elevated running track – and the library. This was a Romanesque building fit with pillars and a grand reception, and according to our teacher come tour guide Miss Auber one of twenty-two belonging to the University. Personally I was smitten and am genuinely considering travelling across the Atlantic to study, despite the cost and potentially being separated from family and friends.

There was also an incredibly poignant visit to the 9/11 memorial, where two infinity pools lie where the twin towers once stood. Seeing all the names around the edges of the pool, with victims for whom it’s their birthday on a given day adorned with white roses or American flags to ensure their continued remembrance. It was extremely eye opening and showed us all the importance of unity and defiance in the face of such tragedy.

I will never know how we managed to fit so many fantastic activities in such a short four days. Miss Auber was truly a force of nature, shepherding us in double quick time from the Staten Island Ferry to Macy’s to various excellent restaurants and famous landmarks which would take too long to write about in any detail. But I can truly say it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and one that will potentially change the course of my life. I cannot thank Miss Auber, as well as all the other teachers who accompanied us, enough for providing us with such a brilliant opportunity. I can guarantee that I will never be as content as this, having just spent a grand, as I am after going on this trip!

By Jed Michael


Student Perspective of NYC Visit

New York… How do I even put that into words?

‘This trip has changed my life’ that’s the words I used multiple times throughout the trip. So, let me walk you through it…

I begin with the plane. Now for many people this may seem a boring or tedious part, but for me, who had never been on a plane, the prospects excited me. However, the long journey full of excitement did seem to drag out until finally we touched down a JFK airport and the adventures began.

I couldn’t talk about the whole trip because I would be here a life time, so here are some highlights. One of the most magnificent parts of the trip was the Rockefellar centre, a building built during a time of great depression for America. Being one of the tallest sky scrapers in New York there were some pretty incredible views at the top. It was extremely special to stand at the top at sunset looking over all of New York with some fantastic views and some fantastic people. I assure you the photo opportunities were immense!

Another huge highlight was Columbia University with a look around the campus. Being a huge university with a lot of prospects I found it inspired me. It was this beautiful university within this amazing city; I was captivated. Therefore, I chose to go and speak to the student information office about being a foreign student. After coming home and giving it some more thought I still would like to research further into what Columbia can offer so it can give me a genuine opportunity for my future. Wouldn’t it be amazing to go to university in America?

So yes, I loved it. The New York trip showed me a new city, took me on a plane, gave me special memories with my friends, gave me prospects for my future and was one of the best experiences of my life. Therefore, overall…

‘It changed my life’

By Naomi Toplis


Summary quotes:

"New York was, and still is very cold; having said that, it was an invaluable experience which really put into perspective how developed the modern world is through an itinerary that would qualify you for DofE"

“New York was exciting and amazing”

“New York was simply incredible. It was tiring but we got to see so many important world landmarks and places which have changed and shaped our modern world”

“New York was inspiring and humbling all in the same breath”

“New York was everything I thought it would be and more”

“New York was life changing as I now know I want to travel more and that I want to study abroad”