Edexcel Level 2 Higher Project Report 2019

Edexcel Level 2 Higher Project Report 2019

Aylsham High School offers the Edexcel Level 2 Higher Project Course as an option subject. The groups in previous years have looked at the possible legacies of hosting a sporting event, have planned, organised and led a dodgeball festival for the Aylsham Cluster year 6 primary school pupils and looked at school transition from year 6 to year 7.

This year, 5 students from year 9 decided to work as a group to focus their thoughts onto the health and fitness of year 6 primary school students.

The project class have been conducting on-line research about a variety of issues surrounding health and fitness in younger children and devising ways to increase health and fitness. They visited each of the cluster primary schools and deliver a session on what health and fitness are. They made a health and fitness flyer to give to each of the year 6 children and directed their attention to the government website Change4Life which has lots of good ideas. They also made a fitness DVD for the primary schools which can be used in a classroom behind a desk.

During each school visit they led fun dodgeball games, which helped the year 6s think about a few dodgeball throwing techniques. These games were well organised and they were able to adapt their sessions to suit the size of school hall, the number of students in a class and the ability of the students.

During the year, they helped to lead sporting team challenges at a year 6 induction day and helped officiate at our year 7 interhouse dodgeball competition.

Then on Tuesday 5th March 2019, after many meetings and much preparation, they hosted the Aylsham Cluster year 6 dodgeball tournament with 80 students from 6 primary schools attending. The teams competed in a round robin tournament. Additional sports leaders from the GCSE Physical Education class helped to officiate each of the games, ensuring that the games ran smoothly. The standard of play was exceptional.

The winning teams this year were; in 1st place Colby School; in 2nd place Aldborough; and in 3rd place Bure Valley. Each team took away medals, trophies and certificates.

As this is the 3rd year of the tournament, thought will go into evaluating this year’s successes to make it even better event for next year. Just one of the many activities run within the school cluster between the high school and the primary schools.