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Fishing Competition at Barford Lakes

Fishing Competition at Barford Lakes

On Wednesday 19th June, 6 students and 2 teachers from our high school set off for a fishing competition at Barford Lakes. The competition was one of many different sports being run by the Norfolk School Games.

When we arrived, we were split into two different teams. Josh and I were chosen as captains and asked to draw out our pegs. Once drawn, we all set off to our respective pegs and set our fishing equipment up. I personally, used a Maver pole and a feeder rod, other people used a mixture of poles, feeder and float rods.

After a delayed start, the whistle blew and it signalled the start of the match. Josh and  I were fishing the match lake, but other students from Aylsham High School were fishing the pleasure lake and top lake. We all used a variety of bait - maggots, sweetcorn and pellets provided by the owners of Barford Lakes.

I started well on the pole, catching Carp, Roach and Bream before my swim went quiet, at this point I tried the feeder rod but to no avail so returned to the pole.

At 1.30pm the whistle blew signifying the end of the match. While waiting for our haul to be weighed, I packed up my fishing equipment.

This has been a fun experience and I thoroughly enjoyed my day of fishing.

Sadly, we didn't make it into the top places but our teams came 10th and 12th out of 15 teams. With over 40 anglers taking part.

The weighs taken from the Norfolk School Games website are -

  • Jack Payne - 4oz
  • Oliver Curry - 4oz
  • Josh Goodman - 11oz
  • Harry Schuel - 15oz
  • Jake Greatbatch - 1lb 3oz
  • Lydia Bean - 13lb 5oz


By Lydia Bean