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Learning at AHS


Social media accounts used by subject departments in Aylsham High School. This information will be regularly updated.

Subject Account type Account name/link
Art Pinterest https://www.pinterest.co.uk/hhomewood/?eq=aylsham%20high%20school&etslf=20326
Twitter https://twitter.com/AHS_Art
Business Enterprise Instagram https://www.intagram.com/ahsbusinessenterprise
Twitter https://twitter.com/AHSBusinessEnt
Twitter https://twitter.com/AHSYC
Chemistry Quizlet https://quizlet.com/classes/buildyouriceberg/
Twitter https://twitter.com/AHS_Physics
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/ChrisBridgevideos73
Google drive bit.ly/AHSchemistrytriple
Design & Technology Quizlet https://quizlet.com/subject/AHS_DT
Twitter https://twitter.com/STEM_AHS
Drama Twitter https://twitter.com/AHS_Drama
Duke of Edinburgh Twitter https://twitter.com/DofE_AHS
English Twitter https://twitter.com/AHS_English
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB4BeTEeXUieqFaQr_wL-oA
Quizlet https://quizlet.com/subject/AHSenglishdept/
French Quizlet https://quizlet.com/subject/aylshamhighfrench/
Food and Nutrition Twitter https://twitter.com/AHSFoodies
Geography Quizlet http://quizlet.com/subject/geographyahs
Twitter https://twitter.com/ahsgeography
Health & Social Care Twitter https://twitter.com/HSC_AHS
History Quizlet https://quizlet.com/subject/historyahs/
Twitter https://twitter.com/History_AHS
website https://www.mrsconnorloveshistory.blogspot.com
ICE Twitter https://twitter.com/AHS_ICE
Library Twitter https://twitter.com/AHSchoolLibrary
Link Room Instagram




Maths YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCszkwg73Sm4KGo9-0p29oOw
Twitter https://twitter.com/AHSMaths
Music Quizlet https://quizlet.com/subject/AHS_Music
Twitter https://twitter.com/AHS_Music
Nurture Twitter https://twitter.com/AHS_Nurture
Quizlet https://quizlet.com/subject/AHS_nurture/
PE Twitter https://twitter.com/AHS_PE
Twitter https://twitter.com/AHS_PEGCSE
Google drive PE - to be updated shortly - please look on the core knowledge section for further updated information.
Religious Education/Religious Studies Twitter https://twitter.com/ahs_reled
Science YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCevot3Ghg9rqBc0NZI-7htA
Twitter https://twitter.com/MrsBeale_AHS

Google drive


Please click on the link above to take you to the Learning Scientists booklet


Links to Learning Scientist Videos



Core Knowledge

The links at the bottom of the page contain the core knowledge, within each subject, which students are required to know in order to increase their chance of success within students' studies.

Knowing this information will mean that students will be able to apply it in a creative way.

Remembering knowledge is a challenge for everyone. The problem is that being able to remember things in the short term is only useful within a small span of time. However, educational theorists are now assembling research that suggests ways in which we can strengthen long term memory. Some of these strategies are listed below and these should be used when working to learn the core knowledge:

Research has shown that challenging knowledge recall has led to better retention.

  • Recall knowledge repetitively:
    • Switch between subjects regularly and solve a variety of problems rather than spending hours on one subject eg. Don’t just practise algebra for revision, mix up the maths!
    • Imagine that a goal keeper was practising. If you tell them they will be kicked five balls to their left, then five to their right, they will find this very easy and will learn in the short term. If the balls are kicked randomly, they will find it challenging and long term learning will occur.
  • Core knowledge is vital to long term learning. If you know the basics then you can apply it to more challenging problems and this will lead to good retention.
  • Space out your work sessions so that your brain has to apply itself to recall information from previous sessions.
  • Don’t just reread your notes, create summary pages to assimilate the knowledge.


Core knowledge - CK

Kew words - KW

Maths                     Core Knowledge Sept 2018                                     

                                KS3 Numeracy Support Sept 2018

                                Maths Dictionary Sept 2018


English                   Language Devices and their Effects

                                Year 7 English Core Knowledge

                                Year 7 English spelling guide November 2017

                                Year 8 English Core Knowledge

                                Click here for English homework diagrams


 Science                  Yr 7 Core Knowledge Booklet

                                Yr 8 core knowledge Sept 2018

                                Yr 9 core knowledge Sept 2018

                                Topic 4  Waves - core questions

                                Topic 5  Light/electromagnetic spectrum questions

                                Topic 6 Radioactivity core questions

                                CB1 Core Questions

                                KS4 - Additional Biology B2 Core Knowledge

                                KS4 - Additional Chemistry C2 - Core Knowledge

                                KS4 - Additional Physics P2 - Core Knowledge

                                Triple Science - B1,2,3

                                Triple Science Chemistry C1,2,3

                                Triple Science Physics P1,2,3                  


Art & Graphics       Year 7 Art & Design Key Words

                                 Year 7 Art & Design Core Knowledge

                                 Year 8 Art & Design Key Words

                                 Year 8 Art & Design Core Knowledge

                                 GCSE Fine Art Key Words

                                 GCSE Fine Art Core Knowledge

                                 GCSE Graphic Communications Key Words

                                 GCSE Graphic Communications Core Knowledge


Business                Business 1 parents' guide Jan 2019


Computing             KS3 & KS4 Key Words Sept 2018


Drama                     GCSE Glossary of Terms


Design & Technology KS3                  

                               DT KS3 CK key words Dec 2018

                               DT KS3 CK quiz Dec 2018

Design & Technology KS4

                               DT KS4 CK revision material Dec 2018

                               DT KS4 CK revision material answers Dec 2018


Food Preparation and Nutrition

                                KS3 & 4 key terms Sept 2018


French                    Yr 7 unit 1 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

                                Yr 7 unit 2 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

                                Yr 7 unit 3 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

                                Yr 7 unit 4 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

                                Yr 8 unit 1 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

                                Yr 8 unit 2 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

                                Yr 8 unit 3 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

                                Yr 8 unit 4 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

                                Yr 9 unit 1 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

                                KS4 French AQA vocab booklet Dec 2018              


Geography             Yr 7 core knowledge questions Sept 2018

                                Yr 8 core knowledge questions Sept 2018

                                Yr 9 core knowledge questions Sept 2018

                                GCSE core knowledge paper 1 Sept 2018

                                GCSE core knowledge paper 2 Sept 2018


History                    Key words for each unit Sept 2018

                                Yr 9 knowledge organisers Jan 2019

                                KS3 YA reading list Jan 2019

                                KS3 knowledge organisers Sept 2018

                                Substantive concepts in history Sept 2018

                                GCSE reading lists Jan 2019

                                GCSE Anglo Saxon & Norman England CK test Jan 2019

                                GCSE Cold War CK test answers Jan 2019

                                GCSE Hist Env WW1 trenches CK test answers Jan 2019

                                GCSE Medicine through time CK test answers Jan 2019

                                GCSE Weimar/Nazi Germany CK test answers Jan 2019


Music                      Basic Ukulele Chords Dec 2018

                                Chords chart - major and minor Dec 2018

                                Musical terms and definitions Dec 2018

                                Note Values - (extended planner page) Dec 2018

                                Treble and Bass Clef Notes Dec 2018

                                Visual Keyboard (with notes labelled) Dec 2018 

Religious Studies

                              Year 7 Core Knowledge Dec 2018

                               Year 8 Core Knowledge Dec 2018

                               Yr 7 & 8 keywords and definitions Dec 2018

                               All crime & punishment CK, KW and Bible refs Jan 2019

                               All human rights/social justice CK, KW and refs Jan 2019

                               All peace and conflict CK, KW and Bible refs Jan 2019

                               All religion and life CK, KW and Bible refs Jan 2019

                               Christianity CK, key words and Bible refs Jan 2019

                               Islam CK, key words and refs Jan 2019

Physical Education

                                Yr 7 core knowledge Sept 2018

                                Yr 8 core knowledge Sept 2018

                                Yr 9 core knowledge Sept 2018

                                Glossary of Terms - The Theory of Physical Education

                                 GCSE CK pop quiz questions Dec 2018

                                 GCSE CK pop quiz answers Dec 2018

                                 PE acronyms Sept 2018


Textiles                   KS3 Key Words

                                KS4 Key Words