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The Football Academy

 Empowering children through football

 “The Aylsham High School Football Academy aims to allow pupils to learn valuable life skills whilst developing their knowledge and understanding of football and sport. It will provide a focus for pupils with a passion for football.”


  • The Academy will provide a focus for pupils with a passion for football and sport
  • Members will develop essential life skills such as co-operation, leadership, responsibility and teamwork.
  • Members will develop a range of study skills to use in their school life and beyond
  • Members will be given the opportunity to learn about and explore possible careers in sport and football other than as a player. This will be provided by visiting professionals such as physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians, coaches etc
  • Members will develop knowledge of the game and improve understanding of skill and tactics whilst developing their own playing ability
  • Member will have access to opportunities for accessing learning with the FA and Norwich City FC
  • The academy will provide a safe and fun environment for all members.
  • The academy will provide opportunities for members of the community and surrounding schools of all ages by running tournaments and coaching sessions.