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Yr 7 unit 1 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

Yr 7 unit 2 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

Yr 7 unit 3 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

Yr 7 unit 4 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

Yr 8 unit 1 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

Yr 8 unit 2 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

Yr 8 unit 3 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

Yr 8 unit 4 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

Yr 9 unit 1 core knowledge vocab Dec 2018

KS4 French AQA vocab booklet Dec 2018   

2018 F and H RP and PC teacher's material Mar 2020

2019 F and H paper 2 speaking tasks teacher booklet Mar 2020

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Key Stage 3

Learning a language is an extremely rewarding experience and, at key stage 3, the emphasis is on developing confidence in communicating in the target language through the study of a range of topics relating to everyday life.  Expectations are high and students are stretched to ensure that they are equipped to take on the GCSE course in key stage 4.  Our primary objective is to ensure that students enjoy their learning and that they are willing and able to communicate effectively in French.  Moreover, we seek to ensure that students have a sound understanding of the grammar which underpins the language.

Foundation Year

During this year, students will get a first taste of some of the topic areas they will cover in GCSE French.  All students will have the opportunity to learn more about French culture and the French speaking world as part of the course as well as building upon the foundations of language they acquired at KS3.

Students will work through topics on the geography of France and national festivals, and ‘La Vie des Ados’ a unit focusing upon the interests and concerns of young people today. This foundation year will give students a flavour of the content of the new GCSE specification and give them an opportunity to consolidate their learning from KS3 in preparation for the rigors of the GCSE course.

Key Stage 4

In KS4 students will follow the AQA GCSE full course.  The emphasis is on independent manipulation of language to enable students to communicate confidently with native speakers and to cope in a variety of situations. 

Students will be assessed in examinations for listening, reading, writing and speaking in the second year of the course, usually during May or June and can be assessed at foundation or higher level.  Skills assessed will include translation from and into French, participating in a role-play and describing a previously unseen photograph.  Consistent vocabulary learning is essential to success and students are expected to be able to manipulate grammatical structures independently.