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Sport Fixture Lists

Tuesday 19th October

 U15 Netball Hub at AHS, change 3.25pm, finish 5.15pm – KM

 U12 Boys Football v Stalham (H), change 3.25pm, finish 5.00pm - SC

Wednesday 20th October

U16 Badminton Hub at AHS, change 3.25pm, finish 5.15pm – JS

U13 Boys Football v Broadland (A), change 3.25pm, return 6.00pm - SC

U16 County Cup Boys Football v Jane Austin (H), change 3.25pm, finish 5.15pm - DS

U14 Boys Rugby v Reepham (H), change 3.25pm, finish 5.00pm - DK 

Monday 1st November

After-School Ruby with NWRC at AHS, change 3.25 pm, finish 4.30 pm – DK

Tuesday 2nd November 

Year 8 Boys Rugby at NWRC change 3.25 pm, finish 5.30 pm

Year 7 Boys County Cup Football v Smithdon (A), change at lunchtime, leave at 1:30 pm, return 6:00 pm approx - SC 

Netball fixture - start at 3:30 and finish at 5:15 at home.

 Thursday 4th November 

U13 Rugby Day  Leave at 9:15, return at 3:00

Friday 5th November 

NCFC Community Sports Foundation - Street Canaries at AHS, change 3.25pm, finish 4.30pm