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Camping (Residential)

Camping is a tough physical activity that requires lots of stamina, determination, cooperation with your peers and a sense of fun.  All students are to arrive at AHS on Monday, 17 July 2023 at 8.45am. Kit will be put in room 8 and 9. Students will then to walk to Tesco accompanied by staff to purchase food for the week.  The bus will leave school at approximately 12noon to travel to the campsites and will return at approximately 2.45pm on Friday, 21July 2023 

Campsite to be confirmed – You will plan and buy your own meals and cook on camp stoves.  You will set up tents, organise the campsite and participate in all activities including a 10-mile walk. Students are not allowed in the sea at any time.  There will be plenty of activities, lots of teamwork and opportunities for games and relaxation on the campsite. Play rounders on the beach most evenings, watching the sun go down and spotting the playful seals.  A week of fun and making fab memories together!

Deposit Required £40
Approx total cost £112