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TACT workshops

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  • Dyslexia Awareness

    Published 07/12/21, by Becky Blois

    Workshop content:

    • How to help with homework
    • How to support further reading and spelling development
    • How to support with organisation and memory
    • How to communicate with school if there is a conflict
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  • Sleep, what's that?

    Published 07/12/21, by Becky Blois

    This workshop will cover:

    • The physiology of sleep
    • Why is my child not sleeping?
    • Sleep information and strategies
    • Keeping a sleep diary
    • Developing a good bedtime routine
    • Maintaining a good sleep pattern
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  • Managing Exam Stress

    Published 07/12/21, by Becky Blois

    It is very normal for exams to lead to anxiety, stress and worry.  During this session we will be covering the following:

    • Helping your child develop a mind plan.
    • Top tips to cope with the anxiety and stress of exams for the whole family.
    • Sleeping and eating.
    • Managing highs and lows and the risk of disappointment.
    • Where to get help if needed
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