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Careers Education, Information Advice & Guidance (CEIAG)

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Careers Education, Information Advice & Guidance (CEIAG)

CEIAG is fundamental in helping a young person to reach their full potential and realise their dreams, and at Aylsham High School we have a many-tiered approach to this most important area. It is our aim to ensure each pupil and their families are supported through the many decisions they will be making at key stages. Every child matters, every decision propels them towards their futures and we hope every individual is supported as just that – an individual.

There are many independent careers guidance websites to support students and families with additional information or advice. Please see useful websites above.

There are many opportunities available throughout the school year for our pupils to visit businesses, take part in work-related events, get involved in ‘Taster Days’ offered by Further Education providers, both at Key Stage 3 for Options choices, and Key Stage 4. We work closely with mentors from the world of work. There are teamwork & leadership skills days for all pupils in school, helping them to better understand their strengths.

Our team of alumni ambassadors, sourced through futurefirst support pupils with advice and guidance on their own career pathways, both through information sessions and as mentors. Working with ex-pupils who have recently followed successful career pathways is inspirational and relevant to our young people.

Work related learning is embedded throughout the curriculum however, from year 10 pupils may undertake a more formal work experience, or engage in a work-related programme. Employer engagement is something we are extremely proud of and work hard to maintain. Our colleagues from a vast array of sectors support us extensively.

‘Futures Day’ is a preparation for year 10s, helping them to begin thinking about their choices in year 11, and therefore encouraging a smooth transition to post 16. The event is attended by many further education providers, employers, apprenticeship ambassadors, and our scholarship ambassadors. At Aylsham High School, a growing number of our pupils choose to pursue scholarships for their further education, and we are proud and happy to help them to secure their choices at schools further afield and occasionally, abroad.

Volunteering, in its many forms, is fundamental to a successful future for young people, and we help our pupils to find as many of these opportunities as possible. Enrichment is crucial, and the many and varied experiences are a key to their successes.

AHS Future’s Captains are available to support students with IAG/work experience

Students and families are able to access a one-to-one guidance appointment at any stage of their school career. We have an open-door policy.

Dianne Wade

Guidance Adviser 

@AHSFutures @futurescaptains