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Activities Week

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Activities week will take place on 17 July to 21 July 2023  

Welcome to the activities for summer of 2023.  Activities week will take place this year during the last week of the summer term.  We aim to end the academic year with a fun and exciting range of events designed to enable your child to:

  • Spend an extended period of time on an activity of their choice
  • Undertake a residential experience if they wish
  • Try something completely different
  • Progress further with existing skills
  • Work with students from different year groups
  • Develop the skills needed to be enterprising and utilise key skills in new situations
All students are expected to take part in an activity

The school is unable to authorise absence during activities week, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

We expect cost to be an important factor; activities that have a price associated with them are unable to run unless we can cover the full cost through your voluntary contributions.  There is, as usual, a range of free and low cost activities to ensure that every child can take part during the week.

There will be a non-refundable deposit required by Friday 25 November 2022; this will be available to pay via ParentPay on Monday 14 November 2022.  The deadline for full non-refundable payment for all activities is Monday 03 April 2023.  Please make payments via ParentPay.  If you need assistance with ParentPay, please contact the finance department on ext. 153/107 or  If you would like to discuss payment options including instalments, please contact the activity leader once the activity has been confirmed.


As I am sure you can appreciate matching every student to their favourite choice of activities will never be possible, as many activities have a maximum group size and cannot be exceeded for safety reasons.

It is for this reason we ask students to nominate 2 different activities that they would be happy to participate in, either 1 residential and 1 non-residential or 2 non-residential activities (Please DO NOT pick 2 residential activities).

Activity nominations can be submitted from Wednesday 19 October 2022 and no later than midday on Friday 04 November 2022.  Please visit or complete the form attached.

A number generator will generate the allocation of places on to activities randomly.

Once the activities have been allocated to your child, there will only be a 4-day cooling-off period on which any changes to an activity choice will be considered.  If, in exceptional circumstances, we are unable to assign a place to your child on either of their chosen activities we will contact you.  Please note that once your child's place is confirmed for an activity, you are committed to paying for the full cost.

Overall, I hope you agree with us that staff are providing an extensive range of activities, which includes something for everyone.

As in previous years, it will be a week packed with enjoyment and learning to bring to an end a hardworking and successful year for all of us.

Mrs T Wiseman

Activity week approximate costs

Click on the activity below to view further details.  Once your child has decided on what activities they would like to nominate please complete the form by clicking here


Deposit required


total cost

Art and craft



Drama Workshop



Sports, games and fun



Walks, Water and Windmills



Chocolate week



Out and about week



Camping (Residential)



Day trippers



Eagles – for Nurture students only



Water sports



Adventure week



WWW (Residential)



Bude (Residential)



Normandy, France (Residential)



London Theatre (Residential)



Deadlines for forms to be completed and payments to be made

Wednesday 19 October 2022

Assembly to all students regarding activities week

From Wednesday 19 October 2022

Nomination form is available 

Friday 04 November 2022 midday

Deadline to submit your nominations

Wednesday  09 November 2022 4:30pm Families will be sent an email via ParentMail confirming allocation of activity at 4:30pm

Wednesday 09 November 2022 to Monday  14  November 2022

Cooling-off period, this is the only time in which changes to activity choices will be considered.

Wednesday 16 November 2022 to Friday 25 November 2022

All deposits for trips to be paid during this period.  Deposits will NOT be accepted before Monday 14 November and all deposits should be paid by Friday 25 November 2022

Monday 03 April 2023

All activities must be paid in full by this date.