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About Core Knowledge

The links at the bottom of each subject page contain the core knowledge, which students are required to know in order to increase their chance of success within students' studies.

Knowing this information will mean that students will be able to apply it in a creative way.

Remembering knowledge is a challenge for everyone. The problem is that being able to remember things in the short term is only useful within a small span of time. However, educational theorists are now assembling research that suggests ways in which we can strengthen long term memory. Some of these strategies are listed below and these should be used when working to learn the core knowledge:

Research has shown that challenging knowledge recall has led to better retention.

  • Recall knowledge repetitively:
    • Switch between subjects regularly and solve a variety of problems rather than spending hours on one subject eg. Don’t just practise algebra for revision, mix up the maths!
    • Imagine that a goal keeper was practising. If you tell them they will be kicked five balls to their left, then five to their right, they will find this very easy and will learn in the short term. If the balls are kicked randomly, they will find it challenging and long term learning will occur.
  • Core knowledge is vital to long term learning. If you know the basics then you can apply it to more challenging problems and this will lead to good retention.
  • Space out your work sessions so that your brain has to apply itself to recall information from previous sessions.
  • Don’t just reread your notes, create summary pages to assimilate the knowledge.