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Behaviour and Behaviour Support

We have high expectations of our students – as they should also have of the school and the opportunities it will give them to succeed in society.  Details of sanctions are shown on the flow chart below named with ‘yellow/orange/red’.  We do operate after-school detentions and, in line with government policy, students are required to attend these. By choosing Aylsham High School they have chosen to accept our rules and sanctions.

In the event of a breach of the code of conduct, or failure to comply with school rules, staff will involve a student and his/her parents in discussion as to how unacceptable behaviour can be changed. We have an effective sanctions system. The yellow/orange/red chart below, clearly shows the sanctions awarded  for specific misdemeanours.   These are recorded on our management information system (SIMS).

Behaviour Support

Purpose and Philosophy

The purpose of the behaviour support room is to provide a meaningful alternative to a suspension.  It ensures that students do not become disconnected from school and allows them to continue with their curriculum and their learning.  It also helps us to ensure that students who are behaving well are not disrupted in their learning.

 Referral and Parental Contact

A member of the teaching staff will refer a student to our student support team.  In consultation with a senior leader, and after a thorough investigation, the student will either be placed in behaviour support or returned to lessons to face a different sanction.  The length of time in behaviour support will be decided taking into account the nature of the misbehaviour.  Parents will be informed of the reason for the behaviour support by telephone and this will be recorded on the student’s file.


The student will spend a part of, or all day in behaviour support, depending on the misbehaviour.  They will be able to leave the room to go to the toilet.  Students are allowed to collect their lunch from the canteen at an appropriate time, to be eaten in the behaviour support room.  We cannot provide hot meals in behaviour support.  They will not take part in break or lunchtime activities.  Mobile phones will not be permitted in behaviour support; they will be handed in and placed in the office for safe keeping.


A report will be completed during the student’s time in behaviour support regarding their behaviour and attitude to work.  This is passed to the head of house to review.

Behaviour within behaviour support

If behaviour in the behaviour support room is unsatisfactory students will remain in behaviour support until behaviour improves and the behaviour support officer is satisfied a good/excellent score has been achieved.

 Refusal to attend behaviour support

If a student refuses to attend behaviour support they will be referred to a member of the senior leadership team.  Students must complete their period in behaviour support before they will be permitted to return to normal lessons.  Students who are absent will also have to  ensure that they complete their time in behaviour support before being reintegrated into lessons.

 Persistent Offenders

Persistent offenders may well be put into behaviour support for an increased period of time or run the risk of a suspension or permanent exclusion.  We also reserve the right to isolate in behaviour support for issues relating to inappropriate school uniform and refusal to comply with requests to correct it.

 Reintegration from behaviour support and suspensions

Students may have to meet with their head of house depending on the incident before being reintegrated into lessons.  For more serious offences, subject to a suspension or longer period of behaviour support, parents will be required to attend reintegration meetings with the head of house and a member of the senior leadership team.  Students would then be placed on a weekly report and monitored by their head of house.

The school is likely to permanently exclude any student who brings illegal substances on to the premises or handles or uses illegal substances on the premises.  The school will reserve the right to permanently exclude if any form of weapon is brought  onto the premises.

Confiscated Property

If a member of staff feels that it is necessary to confiscate anything  from a student then they will follow the procedure below:

1. The item will be placed in an envelope.

2. The student’s name, the date and a list of contents will be written on the envelope. Large items will be tagged with this information. This will be done in the student’s presence.

3. All items will be taken to the school office and placed in the safe for safe-keeping.

4. It will be clearly indicated on the envelope when the student may collect the item (some items will be required to be collected by parents).