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Food & Nutrition

Message from Mrs Spalding - 5.6.20

The food department has purchased some GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition revision guides.  It is an all-in-one revision and practice book and includes access to an ebook. They may be really useful for the students over the coming weeks, so we have put them onto ParentPay for you to buy for £3.99.  If you would like to purchase one for your child, please could you make a payment by the 19th June 20 and we will try to arrange an AHS Deliveroo service to get them out to students straight after that date.

Kind regards

Mrs Spalding

Food Preparation and Nutrition  Core Knowledge

KS3 & 4 key terms

Y7 core knowledge questions

Y8 core knowledge questions

GCSE FPN Core Qs 1. principles of nutrition

GCSE FPN Core Qs 2. diet and good health

GCSE FPN Core Qs 3. The science of food

GCSE FPN Core Qs 3a. Function of ingredients

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Food and nutrition has an important part to play in the school curriculum at Aylsham High School.  It is introduced in year 7 to all students and continues into year 8.  The emphasis is on learning how to cook fresh, nutritious food and students develop knowledge, skills and understanding by making many different food items.  We learn about food choices, special diets, food safety and how to cook and present a range of baked and savoury dishes, building on basic skills from home or from KS2 activities.

At the end of year 8 students can opt to follow a one year GCSE course in food preparation and nutrition.  At this level all students are taught food safety as well as how to create nutritious and complex meals independently.  These courses equip our young people to pursue further study at college to A level, HND or degree level in catering or hospitality management, obtain work or simply develop essential life skills. 

All the food courses at all levels provide opportunities for practical hands on experiences.  We have exceptionally good relationships with many chefs and other professionals within the hospitality industry, many of whom work alongside our students, which enable us to provide a rich learning environment in which students are provided with opportunities for commercial experience.  The department’s success has generated demand for event catering.  These events have included the Aylsham Food Festival meal, Aylsham Show cookery theatre, young chamber business breakfasts, sports award evening and school receptions. 

The students are also encouraged to enter both local and national catering and cooking competitions and have achieved a first place in the Food and Farming Challenge at the Norfolk Showground, regional winner in the British Food Fortnight competition, regional winner in Springboard Future Chef 2012, second place nationally in the Rotary Young Chef competition 2012 and third in Gary Rhodes’ 2012 Young Chef competition.  We also take part in the Royal Norfolk Show cooking competition, working with celebrity chefs; in 2016 we achieved first place.  These achievements not only contribute to coursework assignments but also make the course meaningful, build confidence and enable students to make worthwhile connections with employers and colleges.

Our teaching team consists of qualified industry professionals who take great pride in passing on their knowledge of the hospitality industry.  We also work closely with local schools within the community as well as with awarding bodies and professional organisations.  In 2010-11 we were lucky to see the refurbishment of our food classrooms into two bespoke kitchens, which replicate many of the features of a professional catering kitchen.  The kitchens and associated quiet study area are now used by both students and community groups.