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Results & Student Outcomes

Aylsham High Students Maintain Outstanding Standards at GCSE


During the last few years GCSEs have migrated from the legacy qualifications (graded A*-G) to the reformed GCSEs (graded 9-1). All subjects are now taught using the reformed GCSE specifications.

In June 2015, the DfE initially stated that legacy (old A-E grades) qualifications in subjects would count in the 2018 tables. In June 2016, the DfE changed its position and announced that only reformed GCSE qualifications would be counted in the 2018 performance tables. This is also reflected in the 2019 performance tables. The school’s curriculum structure meant that students had already started to complete the legacy GCSE qualifications. These legacy qualifications would not be counted in a performance table measure but they would count towards a student’s college or apprenticeship application. This presented the school with a decision; should the school move students from the legacy qualifications that they had already started to the reformed GCSE qualification so that their achievements would be counted in performance tables or should they allow the students to continue their studies in the legacy qualifications minimising disruption to their learning?

The school decided it was in the best interest of its students to continue their studies within the legacy qualifications. The school recognised that this would affect the 2018 and 2019 measures reported in the performance table but believed that doing the correct thing by the students was more important. 

Performance table impact

The legacy GCSE qualifications that students have successfully completed are not counted, and therefore not included, in the 2019 performance table measures published by the DfE. This has a particular impact within the open measure in the performance table as the legacy qualifications that students have achieved are not included.


Aylsham High School

National data

 Progress 8



 Attainment 8



 % grade 5+ in English and maths



 % grade 4+ in English and maths



 % entering the English Baccalaureate



 English Baccalaureate average point score



 % of students staying in education or going into  employment after key stage 4

 (class of 2017)



National data is taken from the 2019 National (provisional) data 


The background data for the class of 2019 shows the cohort were in line with the national average data at the start of their studies at Aylsham High School. The outcomes for this 2019 cohort show that students at Aylsham High School have performed significantly higher than students nationally.

During their studies at Aylsham High School, students have experienced a varied curriculum. 65% of the cohort have completed studies within the English Baccalaureate subjects. The flexibility of the curriculum means that alongside these subjects students have also studied drama, art, design technology, PE and music. The percentage of the cohort completing these subjects is shown in the table below. Nationally the percentage of students completing these subjects continues to decrease. This means students are leaving Aylsham High School with a wide and varied set of qualifications that will support them on their next steps of their educational journey.


% of AHS cohort completing these subjects – reformed only

% of AHS cohort completing these subjects – legacy and reformed

 Art (fine art, graphic communications, textile design)
















2019 National (provisional) data shows that 43.4% of students were entered for any arts subject. The arts subjects include applied art and design, art and design, drama, media/film/TV, music, dance and performing arts.

Summary of School Leavers' Destinations in 2021

216  students who had reached the age of 15 in the 12 months preceding the start of the reporting school year left Aylsham High School at the end of the 2020/21 academic year.

6th Form College/Further Education College             94%
Apprenticeships 4%
Not in education, employment, or training 2%
 Specific Destinations 2021
Destinations 2021
Number of Students
Access Creative College 3
City College Norwich 51
City of Norwich School (CNS) 1
Community Sports Foundation 5
East Coast College 1
East Norfolk Sixth Form  2
Easton College 15
Hellesdon High School 1
Jane Austen and Sir Isaac Newton Colleges 21
Lapwings  Alternative Provision 1
Notre Dame High School 10
Norwich School 4
Paston College 70
Reepham College 9
Sheringham Sixth Form 1
St Eds Vocational Training 3
West Suffolk College 1
Wymondham College 2
In employment without training or looking for work 4
Apprenticeships 9


Executive Headteacher Duncan Spalding:

“We are absolutely thrilled once again with the tremendous results achieved by our students and teachers. They have worked so hard and richly deserve their success.  Aylsham High School students are amongst the most consistently high achieving in Norfolk, attaining excellent results year in year out. Their achievements are a cause for great celebration not only in school and at home but also right across the wider Aylsham community.

I am thrilled for each and every one of our students and I wish them the very best for the future as they leave us and go on to fresh and exciting challenges. Not only do they leave us with fabulous results but also hopefully with a love of learning and the confidence that they can hold their own in any situation. It has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege working with them over the years.”

Duncan Spalding, Executive Headteacher