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Parents' Evenings

Parents' evenings 2022/23

Parents’ evenings for the academic year 2022/23 will be online events on the dates below for each individual year group.  These evenings are a crucial part of the support process for our students.  They present an opportunity to have a discussion with your child’s teachers about their progress.  We will therefore be sharing further information with families nearer the time for each evening so that these conversations can take place.

Y8 parents’ evening Monday 23 January 2023 and Tuesday 24 January 2023 

Y11 parents’ evening Tuesday 7 February 2023 and Wednesday 8 February 2023

Y9 parents’ evening Wednesday 1 March 2023 and Thursday 2 March 2023

Y7 parents’ evening Wednesday 15 March 2023 and Thursday 16 March 2023

Y10 parents’ evening Tuesday 21 March 2023 and Wednesday 22 March 2023

The majority of teachers will be available to book appointments with on the first date listed above. Some teachers will be available on the second date listed above.  SchoolCloud shows clearly which staff are available on which evening. 

Appointments are available between 3.50pm and 7pm for majority of teachers. The times available are shown clearly on SchoolCloud. 

Letters for each evening are available below once they have emailed to parents/carers. 

Making appointments

Appointments are made via SchoolCloud.  Dates for booking appointments will be shared with families shortly.