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Parents' Evenings

Parents' evenings 2023/24

Parents’ evenings for the academic year 2023/24 will be online events on the dates below for each individual year group.  These evenings are a crucial part of the support process for our students.  They present an opportunity to have a discussion with your child’s teachers about their progress.  We will therefore be sharing further information with families nearer the time for each evening so that these conversations can take place.

Each year group's parents’ evenings will take place over two evenings.  This is to allow teachers who work on a part time basis to attend these events.  The majority of teachers will be available on the first date (priority night). Some teachers will be available on the second date (secondary night).  SchoolCloud will show clearly which staff are available on which evening. Dates for all evenings are listed below.


SchoolCloud appointment booking windows 

Appointments are made via SchoolCloud and dates for the appointment booking 'windows' are detailed in the table below.  We will email out a letter prior to each parents' evening and this will clearly list the dates that you will need to be aware of.  We will also send reminders via ParentMail of these dates.

The first column of dates (under the orange heading) shows when you can access SchoolCloud to start making appointments.  The second column of dates (under the green heading) shows when you can go back into SchoolCloud to book your remaining appointments.  The final column of dates (in red) is when SchoolCloud will close for appointments.  This is just prior to the parents' evening being held on the day.  Information on booking restrictions is explained below in the relevant year's 'appointment information' sections.


General appointment information

Appointments will be available between approximately 3.50pm and 7pm for the majority of teachers. The times available will be shown clearly on SchoolCloud once this opens for appointments.   Some teachers may have small changes to their start/end times, and therefore may have appointments available slightly earlier or later than the times stated above, but will all offer the same number of appointments.

Letters for each evening will be available below once they have been emailed to parents/carers.  These will contain further details for the evening including how to book appointments, how to join a waiting list if a teacher is fully booked, equipment needed to take part with the video calls, procedures for teacher absence and what to do if you need to cancel or amend your appointments.

Year 7 and 8 appointment information 

For the year 7 and  8 parents' evenings we will open the 'window' for booking appointments for a smaller number of appointments first so that all parents have an opportunity to make appointments with some teachers they wish to see before we then open the window for the second round of booking appointments.   Some teachers teach more than one class in a year and do not have enough appointments to see each student's family. The restriction of appointments will only apply for the priority night.

Year 9 appointment information

For year 9 parents' evenings we prioritise PE GCSE and business GCSE appointments with teaching staff over core PE and enterprise appointments, due to the high number of students taking these GCSE subjects.  We will therefore open the booking 'window' earlier for GCSE appointments and then, at a later date, for the core PE and enterprise appointments.  Full dates and details will be sent in letters nearer each parents' evening.

Year 10 and 11 appointment information

For years 10 and 11 parents' evenings we will prioritise PE GCSE over core PE and this will be the only restriction to booking appointments.  If your child studies PE GCSE then this appointment will cover all aspects of their PE in school so a core appointment is not necessary.