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Religious studies

Religious Studies

Year 7 & 8  core knowledge is currently being updated and will be added shortly - May 2022

All crime & punishment CK, KW and Bible refs

All human rights/social justice CK, KW and refs

All peace and conflict CK, KW and Bible refs

All religion and life CK, KW and Bible refs

Christianity CK, key words and Bible refs

Islam CK, key words and refs

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Religious studies is taught to all students in accordance with the national requirement and the Norfolk Locally Agreed Syllabus for RS.  In KS3 we use the lenses of theology, philosophy and social science to investigate the answers given by religions and world views to questions that cover ideas from arguments about belief in God to the essence of reality. This content helps to build key knowledge and understanding (alongside the development of skills) which enables students to have the confidence to tackle the complexities of the GCSE course (studied from year 9 to11).

Across both key stages in RS, we aim to provide a safe, respectful environment for students to investigate the beliefs of others, whilst encouraging them to reflect and evaluate their own ideas.  Above all, RS aims to provide students with relevant and practical experiences to help them to engage with a multi-cultural world.  Major contributions to the school’s multi-cultural and citizenship education policies are also provided.

Full Course GCSE Religious Studies:

All students will study the GCSE full course in Religious Studies through years 9, 10 and 11, in accordance with national curriculum requirements that all students should study RE at this level.  Amongst other skills that can be accrued on this course is the ability for students to think for themselves, express themselves and understand different points of view.  This is a desirable GCSE to possess in many fields, especially those which involve working with people.


Parents are reminded of their right to withdraw students from RS on religious grounds.  Please contact the head of department in the first instance to discuss this.