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Duke of Edinburgh

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Links to Google consent forms to be completed for expedition May 2023

Bronze D of E - Parental Consent Form Level 3 visits, please click here

Silver D of E - Parental Consent Form Level 3 visits, please click here


The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme is offered at Aylsham High School.  Students are given the opportunity to complete their bronze award initially, followed by their silver and potentially gold awards if they choose.  The scheme is open to all students from the age of 14 years upwards.

Students will be required to complete six months service for the community, three months physical recreation and three months of a skilled practice. This will give the student a whole year of commitment.  The award scheme culminates in an expedition, in which students are required to navigate their way across the countryside and camp out overnight. 

The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme is offered as an extra-curricular activity outside of the school day.

Please click here for a short YouTube video entitled 'Start your Bronze D of E'.


After hearing about Duke of Edinburgh (D of E) from older students we both found ourselves wanting to know more. When we first heard there was an opportunity to find out more, we were excited to really understand what D of E is about; after the meeting we both knew it was what we wanted to do. We are in the midst of completing our bronze D of E and have been given the chance to apply to the young leaders program, we both found this to be very involving and a brilliant way to exercise our leadership skills. From a young age adventure and socialising has been a large factor of mine and Alannah's lives; D of E couldn't be more fitting. We are hoping to make a change in the way people see D of E, not so much as a chore but a place where you can meet new people, learn new skills and become more aware of those around you.

We are hoping the young leaders program will give others completing their bronze this year people their age to talk to and ask for help. If you see us around school please stop and chat to find out more, we would love to be able to help you!

Alice Spalding and Alannah Goshawk Duke of Edinburgh Young Leaders 2023

Ambassador Training

Chloe Prince is the new Duke of Edinburgh Ambassador for Aylsham High School.  She will be completing her training on line later in this month.   She will be taught how to support other students to map read and to complete the on line training for their E D of E.  She will also be given guidance on how to run an assembly; this is something Chloe is looking forward to.  This will give her the skills in helping others at Aylsham High School who are just starting their own journeys.  I am really looking forward in having the opportunity to working with her.

Mrs Tanya Wiseman 

Duke of Edinburgh Manager


Certificate of Achievement Award

Misha, the Duke of Edinburgh Captain  and 65 other students across the school received their Certificate of Achievement award.  We would like to congratulate them on their hard work and determination in achieving this.