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Summer school funding 2021

Dates – 26 to 30 July 2021 inclusive
Attended by 186 students joining AHS in September 2021 as Year 7s (230 were invited)


Income Claimed


Note – based on days attended of 873, the max income could have been £59.70*873


Cost of Delivery


 Staffing costs


 External providers




 Food provided


 Establishment costs


 Other costs




The programme rotated students around 9 different activities designed to give a good range of:

  • Introduction to AHS and other transitional activities
  • Subject support
  • Sports activities including team games and swimming
  • Arts activities
  • Other enrichment and well-being activities

The specific activities offered were:



Escape Room

Students solved a variety of puzzles involving logic and memory skills. They met Caesar ciphers, Braille and some characters from Greek Myths as well as using the periodic table and showing off some maths skills. Students worked in small groups and had to show effective teamwork and communication to ensure puzzles were completed and understood by all team members within the allowed time.

Food and Nutrition

We spent the food & nutrition sessions teaching students about balanced diets and healthy eating, whilst making tomato soup and cheese scones

Explosive Science

The students absolutely loved seeing things on fire and white talc travelling through the air!

There was lots of laughter to be heard and loud gasps of excitement coming from the science rooms.  Science can really help the students with their critical thinking and being able to work equations out.


Brilliant Biology

The students loved working together, working out difficult problems and coming up with the answers. Science can help them to become confident and efficient leaners. They really enjoyed being in the Science rooms and having the opportunities to work with the equipment and the science teachers.

Perfect Printing

Students were encouraged to explore their creativity by producing an artistic design which they subsequently carved onto a polystyrene tile to create a relief print on an apron. This enabled students to work as a team, forge new relationships with fellow students/staff and support each other's printing outcomes

Circus Skills

The students were able to work together in teams to develop their sense of balance and taught how to catch, they worked with each to improve their leadership skills and teamwork. It was a really fun week with lots of giggles along the way

All About Me

A session on looking at ways to support all our lovely new year 7 starters. This will include strategies to handle stress and anxiety as well as looking at resources that will be available in school and externally to support with any challenge’s or worries experienced by our pupils. Students will also be partaking in fun activities which will enable them to familiarise themselves with finding their way around school

Film Club

The students were able to be lost in the world of film, then able to discuss the film together and build on knowledge of remembering what happened to the characters and develop their listening skills the popcorn was also a huge hit !

Sports Hub

The sports activities run by the sports hub were predominantly to build teamwork and develop communication skills through team games and activities. Learning within a fun environment where rules are established to keep games fair and structured. This can also be a great influence in helping to improve behaviour. The sessions provided enrichment for the children encouraging them to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle. Through building healthy muscles, engaging in cardiovascular exercise and burning calories maintaining physical development is a fundamental part of school life. In addition, building on social skills which form the foundations of adult life, by encouraging everyone to participate and be supportive of one another. We watched many participants grow in confidence, through taking on leadership roles and striving in their achievements and success.