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Welcome from the Health and Social Care Captain of 2020/2021

My name is Cerys and I am delighted to say that I am the new Health and Social Captain of 2020/21.  I am looking forward to working alongside Mrs Wiseman in the year ahead.  I was focused on getting this role because in Year 9, I took Health and Social as my GCSE and loved the work and the company!  I was devastated when the year came to an end and wanted to continue my work with Mrs Wiseman and help her as much as possible.  In the year ahead, I will help others taking the course or have any questions, also help set up notice boards and other activities around school.  I will also help with running the Health and Social Twitter account and hopefully have many more opportunities to help. I am so grateful to get this opportunity.

Health and Social Care

The Cambridge National in health and social care will equip learners with sound specialist knowledge and skills for everyday use. It will also challenge all learners, including high attaining learners, by introducing them to demanding material and skills; encouraging independence and creativity; providing tasks that engage with the most taxing aspects of the National Curriculum (including values of care and the current legislation requirements and the importance of softer skills such as communication skills to ensure individuals right to independence and dignity).

The course consists of four units, two of which are core and two optional, and all of which are weighted equally at 25% of the final mark.

Two core units:

R021: Essential values of care for use with individuals in care settings

This unit focuses on the rights of individuals and will instill the values of care to be used when working in a health and social care or early years environment. All good practice is based on these values and enables those who use and work in care settings to apply quality practice. The unit also provides an overview of legislation and its impact on the care settings and covers the hygiene, safety and security matters that relate to promoting a healthy and safe environment.

This unit is assessed by an external written examination in January. There will be a further opportunity to retake the written exam for this unit, in June, if required.

R022: Communicating and working with individuals in health, social care and early years’ settings

This unit will provide learners with the underpinning knowledge and understanding of how to communicate effectively and what personal qualities will contribute to the creation of a caring environment when working with individuals in a health, social care and early years setting.

This unit is internally assessed by controlled assessment.

Two optional units:

R027 - Creative activities to support individuals in health, social care and early year settings.

This unit is internally assessed by controlled assessment.

R029 - Understanding the nutrients needed for good health.

This unit is internally assessed by controlled assessment.  There will be a compulsory cooking session which will take place after school.  This will contribute to your final controlled assessment marks so it is essential that you attend; you will be offered a choice of dates on which to attend.