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business and enterprise 

Year 7

In specialist enterprise lessons students move through a variety of activities that allow them to gain and develop extensive enterprise skills.  This is achieved with a variety of group projects and individual assignments.  These will include PowerPoint presentations, ideas generation and simulated business environments.

Years 8 and 9

The enterprise scheme of work enables students to understand fully what enterprise skills are and how they can further develop their own capabilities through the planning, implementation and evaluation of project work in the context of business and enterprise.

After exploring enterprise skills, students will identify and explore an enterprising project, which will include group work when exploring ideas, but will require individual evidence. 

The course allows students to reflect on their own enterprise skills and to relate them to their chosen career progression.  Projects within this scheme of work include the study of social enterprise, personal finance, environmental enterprise and running your own business. The aim of the scheme of work is to allow students to critically evaluate their current skills and for them to develop new opportunities that will endeavour to make them more commercially aware, financially literate and to build their self-confidence. 

ocr gcse business 

The GCSE actively engages students in the study of business in order to develop as effective and independent students and as critical and reflective thinkers.  Using an enquiring, critical approach to analysing facts and opinions, they will build arguments and make informed judgements.  The GCSE course requires students to be able to build on secure subject knowledge through the application of terms, techniques and terminology.  An analytical look at the effects of business would be needed before creating an evaluation, which would include a reasoned judgement with a suitable justification based on analysis.  Students will develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in a range of business contexts, at home and abroad.  Students will also look at the extent to which business activity can be ethical and sustainable. Students receive a broad foundation of business theory that will adequately prepare them for further study at A-Level and beyond. Quantitative skills are examined and account for 10% of marks awarded for the overall qualification.

Courses are continually evaluated for their appropriateness for learners.  Please contact the department for the latest curriculum choice.

young chamber 

A key element of our specialism is the opportunity for students to engage with business and become part of the Aylsham High School young chamber. Positions are available on the executive committee and we welcome suitable applications for positions of responsibility.  There is also the opportunity of being an open member who can sign up to take part in any one of the enterprise challenges we organise throughout the year.