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FAQ's for parents on COVID-19

These are the national guidelines which as a school we will follow:
  • If we have a positive student case, the parent/carer will notify the school but any requirement for track and tracing will be carried out by NHS track and trace
  • Close contacts identified by NHS track and trace will be advised to take a PCR test but will not need to self-isolate if they are up to 18 years and 6 months or double vaccinated, this includes those in the same household of a positive case.
  • We will recommend, if we have siblings in school, to the parent/carer that they take a PCR test and if this is negative to carry out lateral flow testing on a daily basis, if it is positive they will self-isolate

We would encourage students to continue with twice a week LFT testing at home, however you will not need to submit the results through our website.  If you have any questions regarding LFTs please email