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Music BTEC

This certificate is predominantly coursework based and aimed at students who are considering a career in an aspect of the music industry.  Marking will be done via video and audio recordings as well as testimonials by teachers and student research/coursework.  The course is based on four units with a one hour written exam based on one unit.

Unit 1:  Working in the music industry - students will research the various job roles and organisations within the music industry and how they are all linked together to make the industry run as a whole.  This will involve finding out about sound and light engineers and recording companies as well as performers.  This unit will be assessed via a one hour written exam.

Unit 2:  Managing a music product – students will take different roles within the group to produce and oversee a concert at the school.  Students will need to promote, organise, set up and deal with issues such as health and safety.  This unit is coursework based and students will need to ensure that they have a prominent role within organising the concert to complete this unit.

Unit 3:  Introducing musical performance - practice and perform a selection of pieces individually on chosen instrument (including voice).  Students will have to justify their choices and create a programme with background detail about the pieces alongside performing them.  They will have to create practice diaries and show they understand the skills required to improve upon their chosen instrument.

Unit 4:  Introducing live sound – students will learn about the back stage side of music including setting up mics, speakers and connecting equipment to a mixing desk.  This unit will link in with units 1 and 2.  This unit will be assessed via coursework tasks set in class.

Please see document below detailing key dates for the music BTEC course for this academic year.