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SIMS Student FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have forgotten my password, what can I do?

If your account is set up to log in via the G icon (Google), your SIMS Student account is set up using your school email account.  Your password is therefore the same as the one you use for this account.

If you cannot remember your password, please see a computing teacher or IT Support in the Wintle building.

If your account is set up to log in via SIMS, your SIMS Student account username is your email account and then your password is one you set up when you first registered.  Please see Mrs Cooke in the STAR office for your password to be reset. 

What happens when you leave the school? 
When you leave the school, whether this is in year 11 or at another point in your secondary education, your SIMS Student account will be disabled. 

Does it matter if I use the website or the app?
Which method you use to access SIMS Student is entirely up to you. Both the website and the app contain the information. The only difference is the layout may differ slightly. The advantage of using the app is that you will receive notifications and it is easier to find. 

Who do I contact if I am having problems with SIMS Student?

If students require support with their SIMS Student account, they can either:

  • see a computing teacher

  • see Mrs Cooke, our data manager, in the STAR office outside of lesson time

If students require help with SIMS Student they can email also for support. 

We would ask that students email for support directly please, rather than their parent/carer contacting the school on their behalf. 

How often does SIMS Student update with data held in SIMS?
SIMS Student synchronises with the school’s SIMS database at various times throughout the day as follows:

Data Type Schedule
Achievements Every 60 minutes
Attendance sessions Every 30 minutes
Behaviour Every 60 minutes
Reports Every 60 minutes
Timetable Daily at midnight