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Setting up SIMS Parent

Once you have received your invite email, please click the link in the email and follow the guidance below. By clicking on the link and therefore activating your account you are also agreeing to the SIMS Parent Acceptable Use Procedure.

All parents/carers must register for SIMS Parent in order to access the key information being shared with them. To request your login details from the school please email naming the students for whom you are requesting access.

How to register for your SIMS Parent account

  1. You will receive two emails; SIMS Parent email, automated invite
  2. Within the SIMS Parent email will be the Acceptable Use Procedure (AUP), please read this document.
  3. Once you have read the AUP, please copy the code in your email and then click on the link in the automated invite email. By clicking on the link you are agreeing to the AUP.
  4. Select your third party provider that you with to use to access SIMS Parent e.g. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter.
  5. Please check that your details are correct.
  6. Click on Register.
  7. This will ask you a security question e.g. the date of birth of one of your children at Aylsham High School? This needs to be in the following format dd/mm/yyyy. 
  8. Enter one of your children’s date of birth who are at Aylsham High School e.g. 01/12/2003
  9. Click on Verify.  This will check the system to ensure that this matches our records within our Management Information System. Should this not allow you to access your account, please contact the school.
  10. This will then log you into SIMS Parent for the first time.
  11. Going forward you can access SIMS Parent via the app, website or either methods. 

Remember which third party provider you used as this is how you will log in each time.

Please note:

  • the automated invite email may go into your junk/spam folder.
  • you will need to select Microsoft if you have any email address other than google i.e. BT internet, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud.
  • If you already have a SIMS Parent account, you must select the same third party provider as your existing account and log in using the same email address and password. This will then connect your accounts so that you can select which school you would like to view.
  • Your account allows you to access each of your children at the Federation Schools.
  • Your activation email which you receive from is unique to you and should not be used by anyone else. If you require an additional login then please contact the school to request the additional account.
  • The link in your activation email will expire after 3 months if it is not used, please contact the school if you require a further activation email if your previous one has expired.
  • Your username and password should never be disclosed to anyone. 

Acceptable Use Procedure (AUP)

In order to use SIMS Parent, all parents/carers must agree to the Acceptable Use Procedure. This is emailed to you by the SIMS Parent team when you are invited to activate your account. Please ensure that you read the AUP before activating your account as by clicking on the link in the email you are agreeing to the AUP.  You will also find the Acceptable Use Procedure below.